Has anyone similar experience?

My wife has ataxia - unknown cause - Her mobility has reduced in steps from walking with difficulty to using a wheeled zimmer. At present she has contracted a heavy cold which seems to have affected her such that she cannot get her legs to move backwards - difficult for the toilet. Has anybody experienced this and is there any hope that her previous mobility will return? Living in France we feel somewhat isolated. Thanks for any replies.

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  • Hi I have sca6 and my mobility has become worse over the last few years I know have to use a wheelchair when I go out which is not very often .I also find when I get a cold I seem to struggle as does the weather at the moment affect me .i have days were I can get around the house fine and others I struggle so hopefully when your wife gets over her cold her mobility might improve

  • Thanks for that encouragement

  • I think we all have good and bad days and being unwell on top of it makes it worse. I am sure once the cold has gone your wife will regain her mobility. The cold and wet makes getting around much harder for me and if it is windy (like it was yesterday and also today) it is best I don't even try to go out. I wish your wife a speedy recovery.

  • Hi 210coetfemme, my daughter has relapses when she's unwell and we always fear she won't go back to where she was before she was ill mobility wise but thankfully she does recover after she's better from the cold or whatever thank goodness so there's hope your wife will too! Although Ella's ataxia is progressive it's more slow than the docs predicted as they told us at 12 she wouldn't be walking at all and she's almost 17 and still able to walk a little with a stick despite being very wobbly and falling lots. I wish you and your wife the best.


  • Thanks. She is somewhat back to normal today although is back to using a frame zimmer rather than the wheeled version. It is more stable. This is perhaps the second or third time this has happened and it is most alarming. In the worst case, she just could not move at all. Needless to say, if she becomes stressed it makes things worse. Thanks for your support.

  • I have had CAtaxia for about 7 years now.I have problems moving backwards and toilet probs.This is not a good time of t he year with endless colds and wet .Things will seem better in the warm sunshine.Hopefully we can rise above all the various sympt oms. Things can only ge t bette r.

  • Dear 210coetfemme,I was diagnosed with my ataxia 11 years ago (unknown cause). I have bad, as well as better days, although if I'm ill my ataxia is worse! Hopefully, with your wife's cold this is just a temporary set-back! I wish you both the best..., ;o)

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