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International Ataxia Awareness Day (IAAD)-25th September

Dear all

For IAAD last year, Ataxia UK set up a webpage specifically for this. There were ideas for awareness raising, including online awareness raising. 3 short videos were made which can be found by going to this link:

By clicking on each of the videos you can share them to either Facebook or twitter by clicking 'Share' in the top right hand corner and then clicking on which type of social media you would like to share it to. I apologise if you already know this process of sharing but I didn't until 10 minutes ago!!. I have managed to put them on my facebook timeline so if I can, anyone can!!

There is a new video being launched this 25th September to coincide with the launch of Ataxia UK"s fabulous new fundraising campaign-20:20 Vision : Aiming for a cure. I will of course post the link for this when it is available. However these three videos from 2011 explain ataxia and Ataxia UK wonderfully as well and can easily be shared to your social media for as much awareness raising as possible!


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Hi Harriet.........Thankyou for the link to watch the 3 videos. No 3, for me, was the most informative and gave a quick easy understanding of what ataxia in a mild form can be. I am pleased for the guy in video No 1 that he is still able to work with enlightened employers....... he must be good at his job.......mike


Just been on the link. Really good. Thanks Harriet. The WWW campaign has started! : )


Hello Harry,

you write:


Aiming for a cure. I will of course post the link for this

when it is available.


Does that mean there might be a cure for

this bl... disease ?




Hi Jurgen

One of Ataxia UK's aims is to find a cure for all the ataxias. We can't do this without all the amazing fundraising that goes on around the UK. Whilst it would be wrong to promise that a cure definitely will be found, that is what we are hopeful for and working very hard towards. Ataxia research is looking very exciting currently. Huge advances have been made in the last 20 years and we are hopeful that the next 20 years will show the same pattern.



Hello Harriet

thanks for the link to the videos.

For some years I´ve organised exchange visits & therefore designed

a public page on that:

I´ve published the link on that page hoping that quite a few younger people

will get info on Ataxia.


Exchange Hungerford-Heide 1984 - 2000 shared a link.

21 September


With my personal FB-account publishing the link to the videos would be

no good since I have 4 friends only




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