Very Bored

Although i have Ataxia for many years i was still able to get about outside and keep busy by attending things like college courses. Sadly over the last couple of years my mobility has declined and after a recent knee operation i am largely confined to home at the moment. And i am so bored with watching TV and reading books.

So any recommendations on things to do to help with the boredom ?

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  • well, I found an outdoor rollator helps a lot

    you dress properly & you talk to neighbours



  • Can you get out in a wheelchair?

  • Good question :-)

  • Can you get out in a wheelchair?"------Why not ????????????????



  • "You dress properly"? :-)

  • "properly" = NO track pants -just ordinary trousers --I like to look "normal" when I go out

  • Bored----I use to practice and enter tournaments in martial arts but as the years went by I lost much of my

    mobility. So I started to do Chi Gong witch you can in a chair. Plus I play chess and other board games. I also find

    having pen pals is helpful. Do not become a hermit. If you want email me at

  • "Wado-Ryu" from age 14 until the Dojo closed and I enlisted into the Royal Navy.

  • Really i am just finding it hard to get used to my new lack of mobility. Even as recent as April i could still get out of the house for short walks. But after the knee operation its not easy to get out.

    Having Pen Pals sounds a good idea i will check on the internet and see what i can find

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