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Dear all

As I am sure you will have noticed there have been a lot of problems with the Health Unlocked site and the Ataxia UK community since the launch of their new platform 9 days ago. Below is an email I received from them 3 days ago. I assumed all members of Health Unlocked received this but I am not sure...

Hi HarryB,

Six days ago we launched a new version of HealthUnlocked. We were confident that it was stable and wouldn't have any unwelcome surprises.

We were wrong.

Many of you experienced difficulties accessing the communities. There were bugs and layout changes which prompted the question 'why fix it if it wasn't broken'? The site was reaching its limit in terms of our growing number of members so had to be rebuilt. But we misjudged the stability, the impact of the changes, and our communications with you.

We are sorry.

The good news is that the website is now stable and, as we grow, it will be even more useful than the last one. We are making many changes in response to the initial feedback from users in the new version. We take non of you for granted.

Regular email notifications will be starting shortly. You can access our HelpDesk if you are experiencing any ongoing issues with the website.

Thank you,

Matt & Jorge


I have contacted the support desk quite a few times since the launch and I must say I have been very impressed with their speed of replying and resolving my problems. I am confident that the Health Unlocked team are working as quickly as they can and that the level of service we are used to will be restored quickly.

One of the most frustrating problems at the moment which I am sure will be ironed out very soon is that there are no email notifications yet. Usually if you write a new post/ask a question everyone is emailed to notify them of this. Because no-one is being notified by email, questions are not being answered/posts responded to as quickly as they usually are. I can only apologise for this and hope along with the rest of you that this is resolved as quickly as possible.

I know that the layout of the community is very different to use. If you have any difficulties you could contact Health Unlocked direct or please don't hesitate to ask me any questions and I will try my very best to help. If you can't message me on here, my email address is

Best Wishes


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It seems that the website has been 'abandonded' by all the previous users as there has been very little new activity since the changes. Come on - all things take a while to settle down, without any input from everyone the site will grind to a halt and I am sure no-one would want that to happen.

I want it to continue and I am sure others do too.


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Thank you for such a positive response Heather. I will certainly make sure the site continues. Keep posting!



We`ll fight them on the beaches, we`ll fight them in the streets, we`ll never surre....

Ooops, wrong era :-)

I like the site.


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