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a new me :-), thanks to my shoes

hi all,

As like most of us with ataxia, i'm always on the look-out for comfortable shoes, shoes that aren't " frumpy " and boring ( black/brown )

Well whilst out " window shopping " with my partner, I came across a lovely pair of " huarache crocs ", and I just knew I had to have them, I've worn crocs before and they were very, very comfortable, in-fact they were just like wearing a pair of slippers.

So I looked on the crocs website and found the " huarache crocs ", that I had been admiring in the shop window, and read " from sieasta to fieasta ", WOW!!!! sounds great, so I went back to the shop and purchased a pair, their multi-coloured, so I DONT feel frumpy, are really easy to walk in, in-fact since I've worn them it's my partner who's been asking me to slow-down and not the other way round, so i'm posting this website address for you all to have a look at, these shoes also come in a " mini wedge ", I would suggest a glance at these too, I am thinking of buying a pair of these in the not-too distant future.

thanks for taking the time to read


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Hi Helen!

Did you know you can add charms etc to crocs? Somebody has a good business

making these!

I've never worn crocs, mainly because my feet are usually cold and even in

summer (what summer) I wear socks, ugh, frumpy or what!

I bought some new Sketchers recently, to replace an old pair. The new ones

have a very slight wedge, I thought it looked great. Not Great, that slight incline

forces me to put extra weight on my already painful big toe joints.

It looks like my daughter will get more use out of them, the search continues...!

best wishes



hi wobblybee

I have just wrote a new blog about my experience with these new croc's. I think you might like to read this as it does involve wearing sock with them......and I didn't feel frumpy

Helen :-)


**In addition to previous post

Just wanted to add, googled crocs and was totally supprised to find I was on

what looked like a regular shoe site, obviously I should have looked before


I had been under the mis-apprehension that they only did clogs!!

Helen, the shoes look lovely, I hope you get a lot of pleasure out of wearing them!


I wear the same horrible green canvas things and hope for the best.

I get very cold feet even in the summer.

I feel very frumpy.

Looking for something soft and comfortable and suitable for those with Ataxia.

I fall over everything.


Marie, have a look on this site, I was really surprised by the variety they stock.

It's not just sandals, even boots!

best wishes



I can't get out much now but have some lovely shoes from Ambrose Wilson on the net. They have some really nice ones in fittings up to EEEE. I can't wear my 4" stillettos anymore but have found some really pretty flats :)


Thanks for the link Helen. Yes. the look VERY comfortable and stylish. I'm ALWAYS looking for shoes I can wear with my ataxia! ;o)


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