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I have finally got an appointment to see Professor Hadjavasillious in Sheffield on 31st July at 9am. Has anybody recently had their first appointment and if so did you have tests on the day or did you have to go back for testing. As I live about 160 miles away I'm not sure whether to book a b&b for one or two nights. All advice gratefully received :)

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  • hi Chris- you are in the right place with Prof Marios - who is wonderful and the best! if he knows you are travelling I am sure he will get the tests done on the day, though you might not get the results til your next time or he will write to you. so blood tests he will do on the day, MRI you may have to have at a different time but he will probably arrange to suit you near your home. My experience is that he will understand you're travelling and will try to make it easy for you.


  • Hi G,

    I was beginning to think that no one had seen Prof H! I did speak to the appointment dept at the hospital and they said they thought I would have to go back for my tests but it's nice to know that you think he will be a bit more flexible! Thanks again


  • Hi Chris - you might have to have a scan and I would think you might need to go back for that but I always get my blood tests done on the day. I would ring his secretary - she is Janette burrows and is lovely, she will help.


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