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The John Radcliffe Specialist Unit Oxfordshire

I have at long last received an appointment for this centre albeit for July. I have been asking my GP for a referral for a long time .Perhaps I shall get some help now .I will let you know how I get on in due course .

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Hello Laddie

Just wanted to wish you all the best. Look forward to hearing from you.

Take care



Thankyou for your good wishes.I feel that people on this site understand the situation that we share.


Hi Laddie

I went to The John Ratcliffe Hospital last year and will be going next month Write down any questions you have because on the day you forget !!!

I didn't come away with any 'great' answers but at least you have a contact should you ever need one in the future Both my speech and my walking deteriorated on the day but

fortunately improved once I got home (Must have been stress!!!)

Good luck and let us all know how you got on




Thankyou for your comments . I'm not expecting great events but it will be good to speak to someone who understands the disease.


I see Dr Cader at the St John Radcliffe annually.


I think if you keep your appointments you must think it is worth while going there


I found it very helpful. No miracle cure has been given but they offer research trials and they actually know what fa is unlike many doctors. They can also offer advice and referrals to help with the symptoms. Just my opinion


Good luck with your appointment Laddle! I live in the US, and although I see a good neurologist at a major university hospital, there are times I wish I lived in the UK. You seem to have wonderful ataxia centers there! Keep us posted on how everything turns out for you please...,;o)


Hi Laddie, I will be very interested to hear how you get on at John Radcliff. I forgot to ask my GP for a referral when I last saw him (March). I'll wait till I've heard all about your visit there! All comments sound very promising, good luck to you.

Keep positive



While I waited for The John Radcliffe Centre I had another fall (No damage just a blow to my confidence) My husband decided to chase up my referral to the Rehab day unit They had once more lost my referral letter(this has happened to me three times) Since then with apologies, I have been given two appointments within a week including a home visit from a speech therapist on Wednesday of this week I will let you know next week of any progression.


I am feeling much better than I have felt recently (when I look at my recent comments I have been complaining a lot)since I attended for my first physio appointment I feel I am not as bad as I was feeling. I have a second appointment next week I hope I feel as optimistic after the session will let you know.


Hi laddie

It had not entered my mind that you were complaining. That is wonderful that you are feeling better. Long may it stay that way!



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