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Totally forgot

As the title says, I really did forget.

I had to go into hospital rather urgently quite a few days ago - heart scare and all that jazz. Anyway after they wired me up and injected me with all their different unpronounceable`s, it was decided that, although I was not exactly suffering from a heart attack it was possible that it may be Angina related, so they kept me in for observation and more of those unpronounceable`s :-)

Anyway, I`ve been back home a for a time now and this morning - after having been back to the hospital for more heart scans last Thursday and Friday - I woke with the sun beaming through the window, blue sky and no clouds a perfect morning :-)

Thinking of a hot shower, I threw back the blanket and..........................

Fell with a crash straight onto the floor..................................!

I had totally and utterly forgotten about my legs not working and still being in a union dispute with my brain.

I was more embarrassed than hurt, and then as I lay there on the floor I just started to laugh for about 5 to 6 minutes, just laughed :-)

In the end though, I did enjoy my sit down shower and my breakfast and even now I still laugh when I think about it :-)

"Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life............................."

Life is strange.

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very funny. When I wake up I also "forget" for a moment about ataxia and its "wonderful" attributes. N


hi John, I am probably wrong but I have Hughes syndrome, Antiphospholipid, Sticky blood, it's on the healthunlocked site here.

The reason I aim writing this is because I have had headaches memory loss, heart problems.

I was under the neurologist for years, because the test for it is not 100 % wasn't tested for it, I have balance problems and some people even end up in a wheel chair.

I am not explaining it very well please look it up.

Sorry if I have got it totally wrong,but worth a try


Hello Daisyd,

sorry for not getting back to you sooner but I`ve been reading what Hughes Syndrome is.

I do hope the medicine you take gives you some comfort and confidence to carry on with your everyday life.

Just putting your feelings on this site is a good start - the people here are so understanding and caring.

No need to apologise, you`ve done nothing to apologise for.

You take care of yourself, and remember we are always here to chat.

John :-)


Love what you have posted John-H, because I do tend to laugh at what I've got (I know it's not funny really). On my status on Facebook - my one quotation is "Always look on the bright side of life" (difficult sometimes). I'm very lucky because my Sensory Ataxia did not start until 5 1/2 years ago at the age of 77, and I'm not in a wheelchair.


I forgot to mention - I've also got heart problems - started last year. Cheers for now.


Hello JohnH

I have forgotten heaps of times and like you I have ended on the floor. Now I am wheelchair bound it is not so bad although there are times!!!!!!I I get so mad and at times like these I think life is horrid not strange!!!!! Still we soldier on, hey ho.

Take care




That`s the attitude - soldier on.

We all get a little mad sometimes - My teacher said I was completely bonkers :-)


We should think of a "Title" for ourselves.................................

But we`d probably forget it :-)


my title would be " the unique solder ", cos we are all different and we all seem to soldier-on, regardless,

Helen xx :-)


Thank you for sharing this story. It's little moments like these that help us go through the other darker moments.

As someone who is suffering from depression, as well as Ataxia (and a trapped nerve in my back), I need as many lighter moments that I can find, even when they are kindly shared from other folk.

Many thanks again. :)


I know what you mean Wyndham. Glad I could help



Years ago prior to diagnosis, I had two hospitals appts looming. One for hearing

tests (to do with balance) and the other for deep vein thrombosis.

Arriving for one of them (even though I obviously had to be in the right dept) I was

taken aback when I was asked to remove my trousers. You hear of mistakes in

hospitals all the time.

I must have had an extremely foggy head that day because while I was convinced

they wanted to check my ears, they actually wanted to look at my legs.


Hi John

It is so good that you are have a very positive outlook on life. Forgetting about not being

able to use your legs is like someone of has had their legs amputated and still feel pain in

their legs. Hope you have good news about your hospital tests. When the sun is shining it makes all the difference on our mood.


Dear John-H, Way to laugh at yourself! Don't ever lose your ability to laugh, especially at yourself, as it's so refreshing! I was diagnosed with ataxia 10 years ago, and although I'm not in a wheelchair, I do use a cane! Of course my balance is so compromised, I must constantly be aware (24/7) of how I move. I've taken some falls, due to ''forgetting" about my ataxia and/or moving too fast. It happens to us all! I try to laugh at myself on a daily basis, as it's good for the soul! Appreciating the sunshine streaming through the window is a good excuse for forgetting...,ha! Yes, always look on the bright side! My best to you..., ;o)


You know, with this loss of balance and dizziness and now blackouts - it was not so long ago (well maybe in my case a bit longer) I used to pay good money in a pub on a Friday & Saturday night to end up like that :-)

Funny how it turns a full circle - now it costs me nothing and no more awful hangovers either..... :-)

I still enjoy a bottle of beer on Saturday nights watching a good DVD (and a tot of pussers rum, once Navy always Navy)


hi john-H

I was just doing a search and I came across this post, are these " black-outs part of ataxia, I have suffered from these on several occasions and I thought it was dew to me taken painkillers




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