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In aid of Ataxia

I am unsure as to where this should go , so I am doing this Blog .Steve Bonham has released a CD called Steady to help raise awareness of Ataxia

This CD is a beautiful song and is free to download, there is a link for the Just giving if you want to donate to Ataxia but the more people that know of it the more the CD might get played and also raise money in the process so I have shared it on my facebook and would like to share the link with my friends on here

Have a wonderful weekend and try to take time out to listen to this beautiful song


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Hi Razzy! - thanks for link! Will get on to it tomorrow when I not so 'tired' !!


The song is wonderful ,it would be so nice if as many Ataxians as possible helped get the link out there on the internet :) I have friends in America who have a radio station and have DL the song and will be playing it and giving out the link to his site


I`ve emailed the link to my old Navy mates both here and abroad. :-)


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