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I lost the battle I’m in hospital saying Respirotry sephis so I’m wired up like a Xmas tree two drips on in hand for antibiotics and arm for fluids had hydrocortisone and now saying magnesium loads nebulisers and oxygen feeling rough two blood gas’s done blood tests another blood test at midnight they sat and hourly obbs so having fun and heart monitor machine hope everyone else doing better

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Hi Tracey hope you feel better soon and that you are home quickly. I know how you feel I was the same two weeks ago. Take care.

😊 Bernadette xx

EmmaF91Community Ambassador

Oh Tracey. I hope you start to feel better soon, and that you’ll get *some* sleep tonight! Fingerscrossed you won’t be in for too long x

Get well soon Tracey. I am so sorry you ended up in hospital but you are in the best place but hopefully not for too long. Thinking of you and lots of love and hugs xxxx

Oh, my goodness. Poor old you. Not nice at all. But, if it turns you round and gets you back to where you need to be it will be worth it. Hang in there Tracey, there’s lots of us rooting for you.



Hi Tracey

Thinking of you at this time and sending you loads of hugs and love. Will say a special prayer for you.


I am so sorry. I truly hope everything helps and you are back to being normal for you as soon as possible. Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers. Hugs.

Oh you have had such a horrific time. I really do hope they get stabilized, so you can feel better. Sending you lots of best wishes. Xxxx

I hope you feel better soon and the treatment works. It's horrible being in hospital unwell and wires and tunes everywhere. Get well soon.

Poor you - that’s grim!!! Only October too! Do hope you are feeling better soon x

God Bless & Keep you Safe !!!!!

By 'eck lass, not again. We are all here to support you in fighting the battle, together with the medical teams. Pass the hard fighting to them to deal with now. Have they or are they going to put a PICC line in? How is your fused thumb now? Get some rest if you can, even if it has to be with medicines help. Thinking of you.

No pic line as of yet two cannulas staying in one in left hand but not working well and one in right arm with octopus on working well at the moment IV hydrocortisone and antibiotics and fluids but so far working well just the blood test and blood gasses having fun with my veins don’t want to let it go hope u well and thank everyone for the support x

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