Hospital admission and general rant as no one at home understands

Sorry for the long post

I have brittle asthma and am awaiting an appointment at heartlands in Birmingham I have been told there's a long waiting list and they estimate it will be around May. However since the referral in October last year I have had countless attacks either managed with inhalers nebulizer or ambulance. However my respiratory nurse wanted to try adding another inhaler in an attempt for me to get off prednisone for longer that 2 weeks. In February I had an over night stay needing potassium infusion and a month taped to try again symptoms started again last Sunday but put it down to the pollen season starting and didn't reach for the prednisone as I had the review booked for Thursday I was trying to hold out well bang Wednesday walked into work and they said I didn't look well so I took a neb however it didn't fully settle but me being stubborn I tried to carry on. 25 min later two first aiders take me off the till I still hadn't realized I was showing symptoms whilst out in the first aid room I took another neb and added steroids but one hour later it still had settled and I could get less and less words out so an ambulance was called. Another nebs completed with the crew and taken straight into hospital. I have such a barking cough but chest sounded clear thankfully the dr treated the symptoms not the numbers unlike other occasions. Continued on back to back nebs magnesium and aminophylline iv and admitted onto ward at midnight. Then the bomb shell itu were called to access as the ward weren't happy in my condition but told not to worry ( I can't breath and then this and I'm not to worry). Where has the time gone though as I came out today Sunday however against advice due to not being 24 hours without using ventolin nebs but I wanted my bed and cabin fever had set in. I have now been put on prednisone maintenance following a taper

What can I expect from heartlands?

How long until I feel I can do things again, even climbing the stairs to bed felt like a mile?

Will I ever get it back under control?

Scared I'm missing the signs and I'm not going to be so lucky next time

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  • It sounds like you have been having a horrible time of it. Have you been referred to a specific doctor at heartlands? Or to a clinic? If you've been referred to a consultant it might be worth ringing up his secretary explaining your situation i.e. Admissions etc, and see if you can get slotted in earlier. If it's a clinic with all sorts of tests booked you may just have to wait.

    You don't say your age, but you could also work out the doctor you want to see at heartlands see them privately once ( about 200gbp) and then ask if they will see you in their nhs clinic.

    Once you are on a consultants clinic list and no longer a new patient it is much easier to get an appointment.

    As you may guess I have jumped through these hoops at various times. I also have Brittle asthma, but as I've got older I have spidey senses about reacting to minute changes.

    Very good luck. I hope you manage to get your appointment pulled forward.


  • Hi thanks for you reply

    With regards to heartlands I'm not sure and that's adding to my worry. I've rang my respiratory nurse today but as I was struggling to talk so she said to rest and to ring Thursday.

    I'm 35 by the way. Thought I was recognising my signs quicker but then this happened

  • Ring up the consultant's secretary (or respiratory unit), explain the situation and ask for your appointment to be brought forward. I've done that for myself and my brittle asthma son. Good luck and I hope things improve for you.

  • Thanks

  • I am lucky, there are other asthmatics in my family. We all drive each other crazy keeping an eye on each other. I'm sorry I can't help, but I will say, if your concerned about your Asthma don't worry about seeking advice from medical services. It's better to be safe than sorry. I hope everything is back in control soon.

  • Thanks for your reply

    I realise I have to give my body time to recover but mentally I'm struggling

  • I know how you feel. Unfortunately I have other things which, doesn't help. I find that if I try to concentrate on anything other than the attack, it helps to keep me calm enough to be able to cope with knowing my attack. I find puzzle books helpful. They help me calm my breathing and panic down, and I've found it helps to know when I need to go to hospital and when my meds are working and I don't need any medical help or intervention.

  • Hi heart goes out to you. Just keep asking for information. Get them to print or in black and white and trek you what your care plan is, i.e what they are going to do for you and how you can help yourself. Best healthy wishes


  • Thanks for your reply

  • I have been following this forum for quite some time now. I am also an asthmatic taking Symbicort inhaler.

    From the various posts and questions put up here, I have developed the impression that the medical care system (NHS) in the UK is the worst in the world. Nobody seems to seriously listen to the patients. Impractical and unacceptable dates are given for consultations, the doctors seem to be always present in their own private clinics for grabbing money, and don't seem to have much interest to visit the patients in the NHS hospitals.

    It is sad that though technically the hospitals in UK are superior to many third world countries (like India, from where I am), with excellent hygiene and state-of-the-art equipment, but the utilization and implementation of these facilities is shoddy and criminally negligent, to say the least! What's the use of technology if it can't save lives? it is a well known fact that world class dental treatment is available in India for one tenth the cost of the same compared to UK, that too without any waiting time or delays and long appointments. One simply needs to walk into a dental clinic (of which there are thousands in every town) and start the treatment instantly! Though I have many relatives in the UK, I feel blessed taht I was born in India!

    I do sincerely wish that someone listens to your woes sooner than later. Wish you a speedy recovery from my heart, god bless you.

  • My gp is really good and very supportive. I have a appointment with him tomorrow and will tell him how I feel

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