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Any tips?!



I am 17 years old and have asthma. Asthma is realy uncontrolled. Have an attack weekly but my gp and the Pulmologist don't know what to do anymore. My medication is:

-Viani forte (think is like seretide 50/500) 2-0-2

-Pulmicort (neb) 1mg/2ml 1-0-1

-Prednisolon 10mg 1-0-0

-Montelukast 10mg 0-0-1

-Spiriva (Tiatropium) 1-0-1

-Aerius 5mg (it's an anthimine) 1-0-1

Sometimes I do nebs with Saline, Salbutamol, Atrovent and Berodual, too.

If I have an attack I take:

-Salbutamol inhaler

-Berodual inhaler

-Prednisolone tablett 50-100mg

- Theophyllin drops 208mg

If I have the attack at home I nebulise with Salbutamol, Atrovent and Berodual.

But often I have to call an ambulance and go to hospital. It's as if medication can't help in an attack anymore.

Between attacks I feel well. Don't have any problems. Peak flow is allways good but while an attack it's drop down (know that's normal ;) ). My lung function is always good, too. Therefore a lot of doctors said I don't have asthma and it take long time until I get diagnosed. I only have the diagnose because the wheeze emergency doctors hear during an atttack.

My Pulmologist (don't know the english word) says that we must make something against the attacks, but do not point what still to do. He would not give me more cortisone because the side effects and my age. I would be happy if I can stop an attack on my own. But that only succeed if I am at home and can use my nebuliser. I think my biggest problem is to control an attack. Would be helpfull if there would be a warn sign, bit they came out of nowhere. From one second on the other I have an attack.

In two weeks school begins again and I can't be ill that often. Or have as much attacks.

Hope somebody can give a tip what we can still make. I am slow in despair.

Thanks for readings


P.S.: I'm from Germany and my is not so good (however, still learn it ;) ). So I hope you the text is unterstandable.

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Hi ya.

You English is really good considering you are still learning. Well done! I wish I could speak German.

Is there a specialist hospital you could be reffered to by your doctor? In England there are specialist centres for people with very bad asthma based at national hospitals.

It sounds like you are on all the correct treatment. I would try and not get too reliant on prednisone as it's very bad for your long term health. But again if you need it you need it.

Are your school aware of your asthma? Could you speak to them before the start of term? as the anixiety of not knowing how you asthma may be may make your asthma worse.

Do you have any allergies have you been tested?

I do hope things settle down for you. I had bad asthma at school and it wasn't pleasant.

Hope this makes sense.

Best wishes.


Woelfchen in reply to Dasroots

Hello Das,

I am in a walk-in clinic at a university hospital here. Think it is something like the specalist hospital you talking about.

I am switch to a new school. I have told it but will say it again when school starts.

My allergies don't affect my asthma.

I do have asthma since 4 years. So it's nothing new for me but it's getting worse the last year.

Thank you for your answer.


P.S.: "Das" is an german word for "the". Had to smile about the abbrevation. ^^

Hi! WELCOME TO THE SITE. Your English is far better than my German! Bless you. I do feel sorry for you. Thankfully, I have never been as bad as you are. I do hope that You can find something that will help you control the attacks.

You need to find a specialist hospital. To me it would make sense if you could be watched in a hospital environment so that the Docs and nurses could see you when an attack comes on. Don't know if they do that anywhere?

All the very best.


Woelfchen in reply to freefaller

Hello Sian;

while I was in hospital I had several attack, so they have seen some.

I am in a walk-in clinic at a university hospital. Think it's something like a specalist hospital.

Best wishes


A University Hospital would be good for you. Hope they manage to keep you well.



Have you thought about a portable nebuliser. There are many on the market and mine has got me out of sticky situations many times. I use the omron micro air it is not as strong as a plug in one but it really helps and it's silent so you can use it anywhere.

good luck

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