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Non wheezy asthma & steroids

Hi I don't know if anybody else experiences asthma as a direct result of hay fever, I am fine the rest of the year, this year I am very bad & am now on my 3rd lot of steroids & 2nd lot of antibiotics. I am still finding it really difficult to ""Get going"", i am just exhausted all the time & feel as though its a big effort to breath. Its an awful feeling, I am light headed too at times especially if I do too much. I am beginning to wonder if I am am having panic attacks, even though I don't feel paniced. I can't even talk for any length of time without getting breathless. Anybody got any ideas or advice please????[

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Hi and welcome to the forum,

My asthma is also triggered by hay fever (and a few other things too). You have mentioned steroids and antibiotics but are you anything else for hay fever (ie antihistamines, nasal sprays etc). When I was first referred to a respiratory consultant last summer, the first thing they did was to look into my hay fever meds and I am now on two antihistamines and two nasal sprays as well as prn eye drops. If you are feeling like you are having a panic attack, it may be because you are over breathing. When I am really struggling over a long period of time, particularly with breathing out, my blood glass results always point towards hyperventilation and I am told that this is not uncommon. I have been told to make a really effort to slow my breathing down, in through the nose and out through the mouth, making sure each breath is complete before starting a new one - sounds easy to do but isn't. Feeling tired all the time is probably your body's response to having to put so much effort into breathing.

I hope this helps.


Thanks for taking time to reply, yes I am on antihistamines, just the one lot fexofenadine, also a nasal spray, avamys, the hay fever seems to be under control its just the asthma that has spiraled out of control. When I posted earlier I had been out for a couple of hours, i had to go for a chest x-ray, so maybe I just got over tired, which is just ridiculous as 4 weeks ago i was trekking 12 miles up mountains!!! Subsequently I have slept for 2 hours this afternoon & feel a little better now. I guess I'll just have to be patient & give it time, rest when needed, as I have read on here everybody is different & recovery is down to the individual.


Hi I agree could be from effort of breathing making you tired. Maybe see your GP for a check up, I've had bit of bad time recently but one of my complaints before that was that I was ever so tired all the time, when bloods were checked my iron and vitamin D levels were a bit low which wasn't helping the tiredness.



I'm in the same situation. Since easter i've been struggling and been backwards/forwards to GP & hospital.

Two months ago i was doing triathlons but now any exercise is on hold. Been off work 3 weeks due to asthma & chest infection.

Steroids & antibiotics helped. I'm also on same hayfever tablets and now another to ease sore breathing.

Three different pumps throughout the day but still no better.

But whats interesting is my vit D and iron were also low. So perscribed vit D supplement and taking spatone for iron. Had another blood test & xray last week so now

waiting for allergy test.

So fed up not being able to train and being tired after the simplest thing. Feel bad being off work when there are times are seem fine but chest & back are aching so


I've had asthma 19 years and hayfever even longer but never ever been like this...surely there must be a reason!


The iron thing is interesting - I have had trouble with my iron for years so never really thought about it but breathlessness and tiredness are both symptoms of anaemia (although I am also having problems with wheezing and coughing which are clearly asthma). I take iron supplements but will ask them to check my iron levels too as I am due a blood test next week.

I was in A&E last week and they said they are getting an increasing number of asthma/COPD cases this summer. Lots of people are having trouble with hay fever too.

Tre - my first admissions were definitely due to hayfever and as a result my meds were increased dramatically. I am now reacting to anything and everything which they said may be because the first exacerbation has left my airways very twitchy. I hope you are starting to feel better now.

Loulou 37 - I feel exactly the same. I had huge problems with my asthma in my teens but thought I had almost grown out of it. I was admitted two weeks ago (my 6th admission this year) and the nurse could not believe that I ran the London Marathon last year. I also do triathlons and my old training partner qualified for the Itu worlds in Edmonton this year while I am struggling to even walk to the shops. I hope your allergy tests can help them get you back on track.


Thanks for all the replies, I am somewhat improved, but as the dose of the steroids is reducing I am feeling the strain on my breathing yet again. The tiredness is very much there but I am having blood tests today, the asthma nurse I see is lovely but seems to think the medication I am on for the hay fever is sufficient as does the doc, but reading these replies I am beginning to wonder if there is much more out there I could try & I have NEVER been referred to an allergy consultant?? I now feel as though my ""Triggers"" have increased, I know from previous years to avoid cleaning products (handy sometimes!!!) perfume, scented candles etc but I wonder what else is triggering it, I know I am having attacks while still on the steroids, albeit they are more or less controlled with the reliever.

I have also had very low vit B but had a 4 week course of injections before the hay fever season started they are checking again today, hopefully I'll get the X-ray results too.Its unbelievable isn't it that it can floor the fittest of people, my friends struggle to understand, so do I!!!!!!!


I'm on high dose fexofenadine (the 180mg, not the 120mg) and it helps, but the thing which really helped my lungs in terms of my grass allergy/hay fever is high dose monteleukast. The lisenced dose is 10mg once daily but I am prescribed 20mg (10mg twice a day). This was via the hospital, not GP. Things have been better for me this summer than any previous summer for years. I still struggle to walk but previous summers I've been using wheelchair or mobility scooter as I was unable to walk and constantly nebulising.


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