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help please at wits end


I was diagnosed about 18 months ago, I am 54 years old. I have had a cough now since Nov 2012. Spiro confirmed asthma, I did not get any better on steroid inhalers and ventolin, I had a couple of courses of oral seteroids, sometimes these helped sometimes they did not.

Repeat spiro did not show much reversibility so I was taken off meds and then really poorlyl.

Saw consultant who wiith no investigations diagnosed asthma...things did not get better. I had to go off sick the end of Oct as I was so breathless and had a constant cough, including at night, so was SO tired. Productive cough sputum ranged between white to green. Had various antibiotics but they did not seem to work, samples sent off came back as negative. When examined my chest always sounds clear, and x rays reveal nothing my peak flow is always around 400 - 450.

After a sample grew Strep pneumoni sent back to clinic. Have CT scan tomorrow and lung function test in April!

I tried to go back to work in Dec but after a week of jsut doing 4 hours a week I felt and looked awrful. got a meeting with HR idea what to say.

The consultant gave me two weeks of doxycline and I felt great for about a month after that and last week though i was ready to go back to work.

today I have a cold and my chest feels heavy, I am a bit short of breath and coughing.

currently on inhaled steroids and ventolin..I have taken singular but it did nothing.

Any help and advice would be greatly appreciated


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It may not be asthma, I wonder if the CT is to check for things like bronchiectasis which causes repeat infections. That's what I got diagnosed with a few years ago after a CT.


Hi, I am right there with you. Laying now in a hospital bed for the second time in 3 months. Got to hear the word ""asthma"" the first time 15 months ago. I was a marathon runner with lung function way above average, now I can't walk 4 meters.

I have tried all sorts of available inhalers, all x-rays, blood and mucus tests are clear. I've had 4 cycles of high dosage oral steroids and two cycles of iv steroids in the last 6 months, and that is the only thing that gets me breathing again... for one week or so, and then it's downhill again.

I've also been treated for Lyme ""just in case"", 9 weeks doxicycline which seemed to help in the beginning, and maybe delayed a bit the need for another cycle of oral steroids (two months interval instead of one).

I'm at the third pulmonologist now. My GP thinks it may be a good idea to do a CT scan but she can't prescribe it, so I have to convince the pulmonologist. It is SO frustrating.

Aside from exercise and stress, there seems to be no other trigger, it's just a continuous day after day worsening of my condition.

I am 38 years old and I have suffered from allergies since I was 24, it started during a high-stress time and it never went away, but it never gave me breathing problems, only sneezing and runny nose.

I've had it, any ideas and suggestions are welcome.


Just one difference with you: I am constantly wheezing, sometimes more and sometimes less depending on which point of the cycle I'm at.


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