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Something still not right…. Advice anyone? 🙏🏽

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Hi there,

I’m a 49 year old lifelong asthmatic. Very well controlled with Montelulast and Singulair 200. Never use ventolin. BUT when I get a cold, cough, Covid it sets me in a downward spiral. This is where I am at the moment. Ventolin is used daily.

Had a cold toward end of Nov which went to my chest. Very mucky heavy chest with constant asthma. Was prescribed week of antibiotics plus prednisone for five days. I stopped steroids after 4 days as was flying to Barbados and thought I was better. Didn’t want the insomnia and jitters on holiday, but did finish the antibiotics.

Once in the humid hot air omg I could not breathe. Got very panicky and in summary I struggled all week. Ruined my holiday. Ventolin 6-8 times a day, gasping for air, coughing muck and light headed/ dizzy which I think was low oxygen.

Once home it improved as cooler air and was so busy hosting a big Xmas so struggled on slightly ignoring the fact I couldn’t breathe well and left side felt sore.

After Xmas saw GP as asthma still not good and heavy left lung. Given a week of antibiotics and emergency steroid pack. She mentioned possible pulmonary embolism on the plane, but I’m pretty confident this is asthma and residual inflammation.

Weird thing is peak flow good (420 which is normal), oxygen ok, pulse ok, blood pressure ok BUT I keep getting a tight chest. No wheeze just feel like I can’t breathe and get easily winded. Left side feels stiff and heavy.

should I try the prednisolone now? I’m normally really bad when I take them. This is different. Im fine most of day, but by the afternoon I’m tight chested and need lots of ventolin. Hate steroids, but think I might need to blast this once and for all. Any thoughts or advice?

Thank you X

11 Replies
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I dont think anyone would say they like using steriods. However they are often the medication that get us back on track. If things have not improved maybe its another discussion with your GP.

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Helga12 in reply to teddyd

thank you. I took your advice and saw my GP this morning. So glad I did as still lots of crackling on lungs and inflammation. Back on Pred for five days which should do the trick. Fingers crossed!

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teddyd in reply to Helga12

Speedy recovery x

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I ended up on Prednisolone after a couple of weeks of trying to avoid them, thanks to a chest infection over Christmas. Now on 2nd lot of antibiotics and finishing steroids by weekend. But still not better, however, the steroids have helped keep me going. There's some stubborn to shift bugs around ATM and symptoms are persisting. I'm resolved to go back to Dr on Friday if no improvement.

If you're still not clear of residual symptoms you should talk to your doctor about starting your steroids as they may want to try a different add on treatment to get you through this bad patch, especially if you feel the steroids are too strong a med at this stage - they could even adjust the daily dose accordingly.

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Helga12 in reply to Poobah

hi Poobah. Just wondered how you were doing? I remember you saying you were going to give it until Friday to see if the Prednisolone worked. If not then you were going to go back to your GP. Are you better or did you have to go back? I really hope you’re doing ok.

I’m now on day four and the steroids have helped loads. Think all the residual inflammation is almost gone though do still feel short of breath at times. I get very anxious on pred and hyper so not sure whether it’s asthma or side effects right now!

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Poobah in reply to Helga12

Hi Helga12. Thank you for checking on me. I'm very much improved with just a residual cough & occasional short breath, pretty much huge improvement from Thursday to Friday. So playing it by ear and hope that things will get back to normal in the next week or so and if they don't, I'll be back to the GP. I hate the side effects of Prednisolone, the insomnia, increased appetite, feeling a bit manic. This is the second time I've used them in the last decade and only because I was away for Christmas and needed extra help.

It didn't help that after 3 weeks of my chest infection that I then tested positive for covid, but today tested negative. So I'm on the home straight and happy the worst is behind me.

Definitely agree about the occasional shortness of breath, but I'm doing breathing exercises and I hope that will help my recovery. Humming is very good apparently and so I'm adding that into the mix.

I hope your recovery is 100% and I wish you a happy and healthy new year. xx

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Helga12 in reply to Poobah

That all sounds positive so I hope you continue on this good trajectory. Poor you with Covid thrown in too. That’s quite a battering for your lungs so I’m not surprised you’ve had to resort to steroids. Great news you’ve tested negative today. It’s just recovery time now. I hope your body recovers and you don’t need to go back to the Doc. My takeaway from this recent bout though is ‘don’t leave it too long’. I definitely delayed started steroids for too long.

Thank you for the humming tip. I will add that to the mix!

Here’s hoping we both fully recover and remain well.

Take good care and happy, healthy New Year xx

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Helga, steroids are life saving despite their bad rap.,If this breathing issue hangs on it could be long covid. There is an online pulmonary support group,, for post covid lung issues, led by a doctor of respiratory therapy, at pulmonary

Retired nurse anesthetist here.

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Helga12 in reply to Karenjaninaz

Hello, thank you for your comment and help. I will bear that in mind if this isssue carries on. I haven’t knowingly had Covid since last winter and a chest X ray following that confirmed lungs were clear. My recent flare is from what I thought was a cold and cough. I tested a couple of times and they were negative, but now I’m wondering if maybe it WAS and the test didn’t pick it up. This is the way I felt post Covid last year!

Will finish steroids today and see what the next week brings me. Really hoping this intermittent shortness of breath gets better.

Thank you x

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ask for a chest X-ray

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Helga12 in reply to Birthday60

yes I will do if this carries on.

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