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Help hypoxia asthma?

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hi 2.5 weeks ago i went into hospital for pre arranged spinal surgery, that went fine but ended up poorly and in icu straight after,then the respiratory ward for 10 days. I had ct scans and things and know my lungs aren’t normal and i’m awaiting further tests. I’m honestly confused at my discharge letter and what was actually wrong with me. I’m on long term steroids now and my asthma inhalers have been changed. Anyway my discharge letter says

became hypoxic, treated for asthma and pulmonary edema. Was all that from asthma do you think? i’m paranoid about everything at the minute 😬i’m 39

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Hello Nicolefre, I'd suggest you phone the Asthma Helpline (0300 222 5800 - office hours) for advice. They'll know exactly what the medical speak means and will also be able to offer advice on what to do next to get you back to your best fitness. I'm sure you'll find them very helpful. Good luck and please let us know how you get on. Jan

Hi first, we don't know the full history so we cant give you the explanation you want/need unfortunately. But I would ring your Gp and ask them or do you have a follow up post surgery ask them or call them so you know 100% it sounds like you became hypoxic during surgery which then they had to treat in icu and respiratory ward. Did you ask a respiratory cons while on ward? If so go by that sometimes discharge letters aren't that accurate..

Often discharge letters from hospitals aren’t accurate and it would be worth checking what information your gp has. I’ve been discharged and info was far from accurate!!Any operation whether arranged or not has some degree of risk due to anaesthetics and sadly it sounds like some issues occurred with you.

It could be worth as well as speaking to gp, speaking to asthma helpline here.

Also anecdotally from sites on healthunlocked I belong to it can take some time for people emotionally to recover from experiences in ICU, so give yourself time and again discuss with gp.

I can concur with Bevvy with regards recovering from an operation and ICU, emotionally and physically. Definitely discuss your concerns and experiences with your GP and Asthma UK, and ask for further advice and support on how to recover if you need to.

A few years back, I went into hospital for an operation after being very ill for months (not asthma), but despite many tests/scans I ended up going into the theatre expecting a short keyhole op which turned into 7 hours of major surgery. I only found out once I came to in ICU - it was more than a shock and my discharge was 2 weeks away rather than the next day. Physically I healed well over several months, but emotionally it probably took me a couple of years. Friends and family were great for a while but I realised that people can have sympathy fatigue and looking back, I should have asked my GP for support, in my case I think some counselling would have been beneficial (but that's just me). Everything is geared to a physical recovery. With hindsight I used gratitude that I was still here to mask my ongoing fragility.

We all react differently to operations and ICU experiences, even when they're planned, but the key is to ask for support when we realise that our equilibrium is off.

I hope your recovery goes well and you get the support and information that you need. All the best.

yeah was transferred from one hospital to another the day after surgery with what they said was “respiratory failure” i do have asthma and maybe the last few month i’ve not been right with chest infection after chest infection and on constant antibiotics. I was treated in icu (oxygen and nebulisers) and for pulmonary edema with frusemide for a few days before going on the respiratory ward. Had x-rays and ct scans and they just say my lungs have gone a weird shape and have ground glass changes. I’ll see if i can attach images, i’m just a bit paranoid now 😬

discharge letter


i’ve just received a letter for another ct scan in 4 weeks 🤷‍♀️

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Tugun in reply to Nicolefre


Definitely see your doctor and ask for further information. You might also get information from the nurse. Bring in the letter and ask for explanations so that you understand each point.

No your not probably the anesthetic just upset your system and with mucking about with your spine also lying on your front didn't help matters.When laid on your front and got asthma as well you lungs can't expand as much as when you' re on your side or back. Pulmory emdema is when your lungs get to much fulid in the which ponsbly caused by lying flat on your front.

I can't lay on my front or back as i can't breath.

That what probably happened to you, how long were you in surgery for if it was a long time.

I know shen i been jn surgery when i come out i end up having a really bad coughing fit and the shakes and end up having pethadine to calm me down. Hope i havent scared you and i hope it helps ok

It looks like on your discharge letter you ended up with an infection of somtimes probably your lungs got inflamed and irritated by the airway

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