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Xolair Trial


Im a happy&healthy 23 year old with moderate asthma. I was invited to join the Xolair trial yesterday. I'm on symbicort, singulair, theophylline, ventolin & atrovent and feel my asthma is fairly well controlled.

I'm having a bit of a dilemmia as although I meet the study criteria i suspect i wont be able to recieve the drug after the trial ends- my asthma isn't bad enough. Plus I'd have a hours drive each way to have the injections. But if this drug improves my asthma then i might be tempted.... and i know they really need patients.

I was wondering if anybody has had any nasty side effects from Xolair? Particularly weight gain- I'm a latin dancer and hill walker and try very hard to stay slim. Is Xoliar OK with alcohol? i dont drink much but i am a student!

Thank you so much for your help,



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