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Just to give some possitive feedback on this drug. Aaron has been on this now for 2 months now. He has been having 2 weekly injections instead of monthly, and, keeping everything crossed, it appears to be working. Having suffered from 5 months old and not responding to any medication, except 2 hourly nebs, I feel elated!!!!

Aaron had given up on life and had reached the stage where he was refusing medication, he is nearly 15, 6ft and 15 stone!! Not easy to argue with. He was ""ready to die""! Although he is not possitive that this will work for long (Terbutaline sub-cut, theophllyn, steroids ony worked for 15 months max), he is at least taking all his other meds!

I think we may have turned a corner, though I am sure there will be many more bends along the way.


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Hiya, I am really pleased to hear Aaron has had a good response to the Omalizumab. My son tried it last year and it didn't really make a great deal of difference to him and unfortunately this has put one of my friends off trying it for her son. She is very reluctant to put him through fortnightly injections as he is a bit needle phobic especially as Jayden had no response. I will forward your post to her and hope it helps her make a decision on the treatment.

I hope you continue to have success with it, I was really excited as I had read such good things about it, but it's like all the other things out there for people with difficult Asthma, some respond and some don't, but I am really glad to have been given the chance to try it for Jay.

Stay well and best of luck for Aaron. xx


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