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Asthma, Work and Doctors

I have got a doctors appointment on Monday 24th at 5.10pm.

Now the colder weather is set in, I am finding it is making my asthma worse. I do put a scarf on to cover my mouth so I am breathing in the warm air. But I am having to take more of my reliever to manage my asthma which is really annoying as I do not like taking my inhaler in front of people as I don't like all the questions, so I go somewhere quiet.

I work in a college with students with special needs/ challenging behaviour. One of my students like to run and when the whether is cold I am worried that he will run when we are out on trips and the colder will affect my asthma. I cannot just take my inhaler before he runs, as I never know when he is going to run.

I am scared that I will have a bad attack while I am at work and a ambulance having to be called. As I am really scared of hospitals.

I do not want to stop working with this student as I really enjoy it and I just want my asthma under control so I can fulfil my role at work.

I am on Seretide 250, Salbutamol, Montelukast and prednislone 40mg when needed for my asthma and some other medications for other things.

I am a little worried about going to see the doctor as I have no idea what he may change my medications to! I am going to see the asthma doctor at my surgery so hopefully he will sort it out so I can get on with my life.

Can anybody help me with any of the above?


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Visit to doctors

I went to see the doctor today about my asthma and my work.

I explained about the nature of some of my students and that one of the students likes to run but you never know when he is going to run. Now the weather has started to get colder I am really worried that he will run off on a trip out and I will have to run after him and this will affect my asthma. I cannot run if the weather is too cold as this seems to make my asthma play up. I told him that I have been taking quiet a lot of my reliever of late.

I really do not like taking my reliever in front of people at work as I do not like people playing attention to me and asking questions. Do you have any ideas about how I can build my confidence about taking my inhaler in front of people? I am really worried about having attack at work and having to go to hospital as they scare me.

He said that I should take 3 or 4 puffs of my inhaler 20mins before going out on a trip and take it every 4 hours throughout winter. He has left all other medications the same but if things do not improve to go back and he will see about changing my steroid inhaler.

He did say that taking up some sport like running or swimming may help my asthma. I am ok with running or swimming when the weather is warmer but when the weather is colder this causes me to have asthma attacks. I am taking up singing after christmas as I have read that singing is good for people who suffer with asthma.

Does anyone have any suggestions to help me improve my asthma?

I do not know what the doctor may be thinking of changing my steroid inhaler to any ideas?

Thank you for reading this message.



HI Rachel,

Not sure how much I can help but thought I'd have a go. Re the steroid inhaler, I think possibly there is a higher strength of Seretide you could have than the one listed on your profile, or you could take more puffs? Someone else might be better answering that though, I don't really respond to steroids so don't know the ins and outs of strengths and the different inhalers.

Singing ought to help you, I have been doing it for years and I think it has helped me and possibly stopped my asthma from being worse (though that's hard to judge). Bear in mind that if you sing regularly your peak flow may start to go up; might be worth keeping an eye on it and if you are able to improve on your personal best to note that new figure as obviously all other figures (eg when to get help) will change as well - if it does go up significantly maybe also tell GP so it's on records etc and if you have a plan the numbers can be altered on that. That will take a bit of time if it does happen but just thought I'd say now!

Re the exercise - I would definitely not exercise outside in winter and maybe not do running either if it doesn't suit you. Is joining a gym an option for you? I've been told by the resp physio that I should do some form of cardio exercise as otherwise being short of breath on exercise can turn into a vicious cycle as you get more unfit. I looked at LA Fitness as there is one near me; when I was getting the tour I mentioned the asthma and she said it would be best to see the coach and have a tailored programme designed for me, and that this is included in the price. There's also a swimming pool there, so if you have an LA Fitness or other good gym near you might be worth a look? Though they are all expensive (also, just so you know, I have had friends who've had issues with Fitness First and payments). LA Fitness, and probably other gyms, also have free classes like Pilates, which the physio said was very good for breathing.

I hope this helps and you feel better soon! Feel free to PM me if you want to know more about singing/the gym - I can maybe let you know more once I've started going.


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