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Tiatropium inhaler

Hi all,

Just got back from outpatients appt.

Not HAPPY!!!!

I've been started on Tiatropium inhaler but have been thoroughly assured by the consultant I do not have COPD, lung function tests show it IS asthma but as I didn't react well to theophyllin or singulair he's started me on this. He has also said we are running out of options, if this doesn't work I have to consider a course of long term oral steroids (which I would REALLY like to avoid) and possibly Xolair.

It's weird. I don't understand why he seems to be going for the big guns because although I struggle with my asthma it doesn't seem that bad to me...especially when I read what some other people on here are going through.

Is anyone else on this Tiatropium inhaler? If so can you let me know your experiences of it?

He also said he'd never heard of someone having sleep disturbance and vivid dreams on Singulair....erm.. excuse me??!! It's one of the recognised side effects!!

I think I've lost a lot of faith with this guy. He's the Asthma specialist consultant locally but I get the impression he doesn't know what to do with non typical asthma and he's really NOT inspiring me with confidence.

Anyone got any advice? Should I be asking for a referral to a specialist centre? How long do I persevere with this guy? He's happy to answer my questions but told me today that we are running out of treatment options.

I've also been referred again for allergy testing because It didn't happen after he referred me last time - go figure!

My chest X-ray was normal, my lung function tests showed asthma and a degree of reversibility with the nebuliser.

I also told him that when I take a lot of ventolin I am getting tachycardic runs and some arrythmias (skipped heart beats). These are quite concerning to me but he wasn't bothered, just agreed that this happens with a lot of salbutamol.

GRRRR!! Sorry to vent - anyone got any bright ideas? Not looking for medical advice by the way - just other peoples experiences and opinions!! (Sorry the post is so long!)


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Tiotropium is used for asthma a lot more than recognised. Also known as atrovent. It can be used alongside salbutamol to open your airways. Always used at local a and e units as a neb to treat attacks along with salbutamol nebs. I find it better than salbutamol inhaler. Feels the effects quicker tho it tastes disgusting. Comes available as atrovent inhaler used upto 4 times daily. Combivent inhaler this is atrovent and salbutamol together in one inhaler. Used upto 4 times daily. I really likes this one felt I had more control with it stills takes disgusting and new one called spiriva it's long acting and u only take it once a day taste a bit better . Dr like this cos it's new kid on the block and u only take it once a day.

Fast pulse rate and palpatations are side effect of salbutamol especially when used a lot and do go away when the drug wears off although it is a horrible feeling.

By taking atrovent you may need less salbutamol and less of the side effects. The decision should be yours to make don't be forced to take it.

If losing faith in your dr you can ask for a referral to a new dr or a second opinion. Hope this helps.


Hi Fee,

Oh, sounds like you need to take a few posts from here and show him how singulair causes problems, and the americans are really concerned about the dream state and depression that they have black boxed it. No suggestion of trying Accolate, same class as singulair, may have been OK, but don't worry about pred, it gets a bad rap, but plenty have it and lower doses are not really that bad.

Tiotropium or Spririva is used by a few on here, so hope they can give you some positive reports, SPC for it

If it doesn't work and he suggested Xolair, well done, that's a difficult one to get because of the expense, but sure you won't get to that stage, you don't give the impression of being anywhere near that stage.

Give the new inhaler a try, see how you go, and if you don't see a marked improvement, then I'd ask to see someone else, this guy sounds a bit of a quack!


Thanks for this - food for thought.


*Edit - forgot to say it is the new once daily inhaler I've been prescribed.


Atrovent is Ipratropium, while Tiotropium is commonly known as spiriva.

this is also worth reading, for those on Atrovent


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