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Tests done

hi all

as you have been so supportive to me since i joined i thought i would give you an update [to the ones who always reply to my requests] and anyone else that is at the stage i am.

1.Went to the GP today my treadmill test was normal [ thank god not the heart then].

2.Cutting down my predisalone so that in 6 days i wont need to take it [yippeee] as i use Seritide 125 inhaler now.

3.Chest seems better so we are going to give it a go with out the nebs and use me ventolin [ oh starting to get me life back].

4.I told GP my sight is getting bleary so did a water sample and he calls me tonight to say i may have Diabetis [ oh nooooooo] and can i go for a fasting blood test.

5. Got a call from the hospital lunchtime could i go for a blood test [for proteine and clots].

but then also does Lung function tests [that was different breathing all those different gases] left with a pain in both ears told that is normal and my chest not so tight told that was normal too.

So that just leaves the bronchoscopy to be done in March. Yes i do feel better and there has been a great improvement since xmas day.

So that leaves me with another worry have the steroids cause diabetis just have to wait and see.

take care H Mama Heather

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Hi h. Yes the steriods can cause diabetes and sometimes diabetes traits. I'm on high dose steriods my eye sight now getting effects of it also Random blood sugars are elevated., sugar in my urine also but fasting sugars are alwAys normal. So I don't need treatment,just gotta watch I don't over do it wie the sugary foods and I get my fasting sugars done every 6 months. I know not every one is the same but wanted u to know that sometimes the tests help rule things out. Glad the asthma settling now


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