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Testing positive for covid

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It was going to happen I have tested positive for covid.

I have to say the response from NHS and government is confusing. After reporting my lateral flow test the NHS told me to isolate but the government guidelines say it’s not a legal requirement and my employer is following the government advice. I can’t afford to take any more loss in pay

I have also had a number of emails telling me i could be eligible for antiviral treatment but with little advice how to get them.

I contacted my GP and they said they are to contact the local health authorities and they will contact me.

I have had a text to call the clinical team I called them and after et a 30 minute wait the asked for my details and said someone would contact me within 48hrs to discuss the best antiviral treatment for me.

It’s been over 24 hrs and it f they leave it much longer it will be over the five days required for them to work.

I have to say I am worried so far my symptoms are not any worse than a normal attack that I can manage with my inhaler but still worries me

13 Replies

Oh what a pain! I hope you continue not to feel too bad. As far as I know, anti-virals are restricted to those who are immunosuppressed, as defined in the Green Book. Eg those on chemo, transplant patients, those with recognised immune deficiencies etc. It can also include those who’ve recently been on hefty doses of oral pred.

As to isolation, the government’s line now is that you should “try to” self isolate, if you can. If your employer won’t agree, that means you can’t, so you’re in the clear to work if you feel well enough. Take care x

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Janet2017 in reply to

I had COVID-19 in January this year but l got over it.Stay positive and take to your doctor's prescription and advice.Drink a lot of water and juice especially those rich in vitamin C.Be optimistic you'll get over it.

I really wish you a speedy recovery.

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Morning. I tested positive on Wednesday. I had a bronchiectasis flare up the week before and I’d say my bronchiectasis flare up was worse than the covid so far. Covid has given me a different cough and congested nose My husband who tested negative yesterday is still coughing. He received the old advice too about isolating Take care. Don’t worry. Keep an eye on your peak flow and O2 SATs. Drink water and eat healthily. Take care. X

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If you were told you were eligible you should have got a rapid PCR test in the post - started last year and every time I’ve sent one off I’ve then got a new one back in the post days after. Call 119 and inform them and an out of hours doctor should call you to see if you’re eligible and for which type of antiviral treatment

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MikeMaxi in reply to Keisha192001

I sent off my rapid PCR test and that confirmed my positive lateral flow test and I have contacted my GP and they told me they inform my local health department and someone from the covid team will contact me. I received a text to call them and I did but they only took my details and said a nurse would call me back in 48 hrs. I still haven’t heard back from them

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I have contacted the covid team and they have told me that the guidelines for antiviral treatment has changed from 5 days to 7 days and that I have now been moved up the list as I am now on day four. So a should receive a call from the covid nurse soon 🤞

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peege in reply to MikeMaxi

Good luck in getting the antiviral treatment, I'm sure it will help in your recovery. So your employer won't mind catching covid from you along with other employees. Great!

Hope your bout of it remains straightforward with speedy recovery. P

I found an updated list of those who can get antiviral treatment.


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That's interesting Hanne but it would have been useful if those of us with lung disease had been notified since it seems I am no longer eligible.

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Hi sorry to hear your ill. I have covid they phoned on day 2 after pcr result. I had just missed out on the antivirals by one day as finished steroids been on 5 lots in 6 months , said I would only get them if I was back on long tapering course. That evening had to go a and e couldn't breath 6 hours later home, back on steroids never felt so bad with Covid just starting to get better. The gp referred me to virtual covid team, docs on ward you submit oxygen levels how your feeling 3 times day if they pick up something wrong they phone , they have been lovely giving advice,. I work at school we have to have week off. Take care.

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I'm not surprised you're getting confused - my husband & I both tested positive two weeks ago, and we've been bombarded with contradictory texts, emails & phone calls ever since!

To add to the confusion, we found that every time we entered a positive LFT on the website, we were treated as a NEW positive case. After 4 days of this, we just stopped entering our results. I am wondering if this is behind the new 'rise' in case numbers though!

I found the Covid wasn't too bad, but it did make my asthma flare up badly, so it might be worth asking your GP about increasing your medication short term.

Also, it's taking forever for me to test negative. I'm on day 12 now.

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watergazer in reply to Mandevilla

It’s also taking me longer to test negative than my husband who doesn’t have lung issues I’m on day 10 at the mo. Not really been that ill Had an awful cough (what’s new there) which has changed now I get a little tired but again that’s normal for me. Take care x

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I had a positive test Monday, sent the priority PCR test off and rang my consultant who contacted the local Covid Delivery Team and they contacted me for antiviral meds intravenously which I had the following day. Ring your consultantnor or respiratory nurses to get the meds as I feel they've helped me massively. Don't get me wrong I'm so breathless and tired but it could have been so much worse. Take care

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