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Just tested positive for Covid. Feel shocking!

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Hi all, I’m a generally well controlled asthmatic on seretide 250 & salbutamol. I had a bad headache come on at work yesterday (nurse) so tested when I got home which was negative but I didn’t feel right at all. Slept awful, did another test this morning and deep purple line came up straightaway.

I cannot describe how completely WEAK I feel! With chills like you get with flu. Iv3 been unable to get out of bed. I cannot eat, feel nauseous & my chest muscles hurt. Just trying to drink as much water as I can. I had been reading the current strains were likely more mild but this is awful.

Just wondering if anyone else is having similar symptoms and when you started to feel better. Obviously this intense heat is bad timing etc.


10 Replies
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Speedy recovery

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I went down with it four weeks ago. With me it started as a croaky voice that developed in to an irritating little cough (but nothing major), before that subsided and I was left feeling as though I had flu, so like you there. In fact, if it weren’t for the positive covid test I would have said it was flu.

The active symptoms (shivers, aches, temperature, snuffles), lasted for about three days and then things began to improve. Doing anything made me feel shattered (that continued on after I tested negative again - 8 days after I tested positive), and I took things very easy whilst I was positive. Once I tested negative I began to increase activity levels, taking it day by day and stopping when I felt exhausted but there was no doubt that things were improving. The irritating little cough returned as the aches subsided, accompanied by a thumping headache (particularly when I coughed) which I recognised as being sinus related (not surprising, there was an awful lot of nasal mucous present and I am prone to sinus issues). That side of it took a couple of weeks to clear (I have NeilMed sinus rinse which I can use if my sinuses play up; the relief I got from using it when things were bad was really helpful during this stage). Three weeks after I had initially tested positive I was more or less over it and this last week I’ve got back to a pretty much normal way of life.

I did have additional symptoms which were definitely digestion related, but I am also under consultant led care for problems in that area. I’m due to see my consultant at the end of this month and I’m looking forward to discussing that side of it with him.

Asthma wise everything stayed under control. I kept an eye on my peak flow readings and they remained in the green area throughout. Like you my asthma is well controlled. If your asthma begins to play up it might be advisable to contact your GP and ask for advice.

Take it easy and I hope you feel better soon.

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One of my family, who works in a hospital, came down with one of the newer variants about 2 weeks ago. It absolutely floored her for 48 hours and then her symptoms got milder quite quickly. She's had covid before, but she said this was worse as the previous infection was like a bad cold. She was surprised how poorly she felt as didn't expect such a strong hit, even if the worst of it was over in a couple of days. I hope you feel alot better very soon. Take care.

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I sympathise…I have RA and asthma and tested positive Fri 8th. Still testing a weak positive today. Lethargy, no taste or smell, cough. Mine turned into a chest infection so on antibiotics now. Nothing you can do but rest up really. Take care and at least u will have some antibodies.

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Hi. Yes had covid last week, mbere felt as ill. Got an anti viral infusion on Monday which helped - ve since Friday. Still shattered, SOB and pf all over the place and SATSx waiting for advice form 111 as GP didn't want to assist when they heard Covid.

I ached in places I didn't know could ache, felt as if on another planet so out of it

Take care

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I had the same symptoms over Christmas awful headache for 3 days and then the coughing began. I wasn’t negative before the end of the full isolation period either

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Hi - I hope this finds you feeling a little better - I have similar severity asthma and caught Covid a month or so ago - like you I felt crap fora few days and then the symptom drifted away - I still tested positive until day 11 but by then i felt 90% ok - i have residual affects on my breathing and that is about it

So - chin up, if not today then tomorrow - the illness will subside



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Just to say, my daughter had it similarly a couple of months ago, couldn't get out of bed like the worst flu ever for a week before she began to feel better.Get well soon. P

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did you have the 3 jabs or more for covid as i notice you dont mention it..

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EvieJo in reply to hoggies

Hi, sorry for delay replying, it’s taking a bit of getting over this. Yes I’ve had 3 vaccines as work for NHS etc, we should be offered a fourth sometime in the autumn I think. All my other symptoms have pretty much gone away but I still feel like I have a rubber band round my chest and can’t seem to catch my breath after even just light exertion etc.

When things are well controlled I can normally hit 600 peak flow but barely managing 400 now. I know that’s not dangerously low or anything but it’s pretty low for me. It’s hard to know if it’s asthma or the effects of Covid on my lungs - I certainly hope it’s not a permanent change.

I’m awaiting an asthma review at the moment. So will see what they say. I am back at work but so exhausted by the end of the day.

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