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just out of hospital

was rushed in on tuesday with asthma attack, put on nebs, steroids, had x ray which showed nothing then had ct scan which shows maybe infection and that the bottom part of my lungs had folded over and collapsed but thy didnt seem worried buy this. I had no wheeze and at one point they thought i might have been hyperventilating ....... i had 3 ecgs done and a blood test to rule out heart attack as i lost alot of strenght in my left arm has anybody ever had this happen to them? I was in for three days on oxygen and have now been discharged even though they know i cant walk far without getting breathless. I see the chest consultant on wednesday. Last october i was in with similair symptoms had x ray nothing, had ct scan and showed extensive blood clots on lungs so on warfarin now for life. They made me feel like i was wasting their time ... i can still hardly walk. I hate causing a fuss, is it possible that u can have a asthma attack but still have good sats readings? thanks donna , im alitle confused. meant to add im on seretide 500 twice a day, montelucast and ventolin, lansoprazole ...thanks xx

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Mostly when I have an asthma attack my pulse races but rarely do my sats drop.


thanks for reply

my sats dont drop regularly but like u my pulse races, i was at the gps last night collecting prescription less than 24 hours from being out of hossie and had another attack, pharmacist got gp he put me on neb said my pulse was racing but sats were good, i apologised best i could given circumstances. He said he didnt really want to send me to hospital on a friday evening and i said i didnt wanna go either , had only just got out. thanks for quick reply, donna


My sats are usually good until the moment before I crash completely, and then they drop like a bomb. Medics shouldn't be complacent about someone's asthma just because their sats are okay.


Ditto ! Mine are usually good too!! until I go off big time ... not often though.



My sats are always ok until I crash. The docs are sometimes make me feel like I'm just hyperventilating and wasting their times, this is really annoying as I know when I'm having an asthma attack. Although my sats are ok my ABS is always rubbish, I've tried explaining to the docs that I breath like that to keep my sats up and if I didn;t they would be below 80% and I'd be on a ventilator earlier

It can be so frustrating talk to your chest consultant about it

Best wishes

Truly x


I tend to get a really racing pulse (can go somewhere to the 150 bpm level.) and my SATs drop quite rapidly when left to thier own devices.

I guess thats something you can discuss with GP


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