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Can anyone help me?

Hi everyone, hope you are doing well..... I am just wondering if anyone could help me with John, one minute he is as high as a kite and the next minute for what seems to be no reason at all he then goes flat as anything, he calls this feeling dull.... As you are all aware we are trying really hard to reduce his prednisolone, we have had a few problems with this as he had tonsillitis and as he now has adrenal suppression we had to give him another high dose of steroids.... He is on Montelukast 5mg, Slophyllin 125mg x twice daily, omeprazole 40mg daily, Prednisolone 4mg alternate days, Seretide125 x 2 puffs am and pm, atrovent 2 puffs am and pm, salmeterol am and pm and salbutamol when required...... He has just finished a course of amoxcycillin 250.... Is there anything there that anyone has had any problems with, oh yes he also has omalizumab 300ml once a month and has just had that for a year......... Please help, its not fair on John its almost as if he feels alien when he has an episode, he says he feels so mad but doesnt feel as though he is in his own body.......

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Hi my son is 8 and seems to be on steroids most of the year, we start on 50mg and get him down to 20mg and he goes down hill again so it's back to the start again! Also they take 10 days to kick in, do you find this?They do affect his behaviour, he is very high or suicidal, quite frightening for someone so small, he hates how they make him feel too. I'm told this is normal but it doesn't make it any easier to watch, his behaviour affects the whole family.He is tall for his age which is surprising to all. He is fantastic at running when he's not at his worst, this really boosts his confidence and lifts him. My son is on Atrivent 4 puffs am and pm, seretide 250 4puffs am and pm and 10mg montelukast at night, prednisolone 25mg at the moment, fingers crossed

I've only just joined, I find no one seems to take asthma very seriously and feel very isolated. My son is ill so often and you don't want to bore people so when they ask how you all are, it's easier to say fine thanks!!

I hope this helps



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