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Please can anyone recommend a ‘thermal disinfector’ for a nebuliser?

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Hi, hope you’re all well.

After a long flare up of my asthma (non allergic/non eosinophilic), I’ve been prescribed some nebuliser meds and now have a nebuliser (for emergency use only). Can anyone recommend a reasonably priced small disinfector for it. I’ve only ever used a nebuliser in a clinical setting, so don’t know anything about home use if anyone has any useful advice, I’d appreciate it.

Thank you 😊

10 Replies
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I have had a nebuliser at home for many years and have never disinfected it! I simply rinse the mask and medication holder thoroughly and let them air dry. The actual mechanical part shouldn’t be cleaned at all.Since you posed the question I did Google it and it appears that many sites agree with what I do. Remember only you are using the nebuliser so it is very different to a clinical setting.

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Celie1 in reply to Bevvy

Hi,Thanks for your reply.

The reason I asked the question, was that the instructions on cleaning the nebuliser were to disinfect with either boiling water, or an electric thermal disinfector (like the kind used for baby bottles) after washing.

I thought I’d just ask to see if anyone could recommend a good one. 😁

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Yes.. agree with Bevvy…. I think that you will do more harm than good if you disinfect it!

I just rinse the mouth piece ( I don’t use a mask) and the med chamber and air dry.

The tubing/ mask/mouth piece and filter I change approx every three months. These spares will be supplied by your hospital.

Also if you are only using it in emergencies you won’t need to clean it that much…


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Celie1 in reply to Pipsqueak77

Hi,Thanks for your reply.

The cleaning instructions that came with the nebuliser said to use a thermal disinfector (no chemicals - just steam) . So just wondered if anyone was using one they could recommend. 😊

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Pipsqueak77 in reply to Celie1

Sorry… never heard of it!!😬Did the hospital that issued the neb not give you instructions on how to clean and look after it?

Hope you find some info soon that helps!


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Celie1 in reply to Pipsqueak77

HiYes. It came with instructions on cleaning etc. It just said to also sterilise/disinfect after washing the parts, either by boiling or using a thermal disinfector (like you can use for baby bottles).

Just wondered if anyone had used one. 😊

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Hi Celie1 - Please have a look at our nebuliser pages, they have some really informative nebuliser info but do give us a ring if you want to ask anything 0300 2225800.

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Celie1 in reply to Claire_ALUK

Thank you Claire.I’ll have a look at the link. 🤗

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I have a spare set of masks and tubes and bit for my nebuliser and when i change the i just soak then wash my used ones in hot soapy water rince the air dry next to my nebs or you could try soaking them in bicarbe of soda which is drug free and chemicaly free then rince and dry them

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Celie1 in reply to pink123floyd

Hi That’s a good idea, to have spares, as it does take the parts a long time to air dry.

I’ve been in touch with the charity that supplied the nebuliser and sorted the cleaning issue now.

Thanks for your reply. 😊

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