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Back in hospital again :(


Hi everyone, some of you may have read my post about taking so long to get my son, Leo (3yrs) to get a referral even after nearly two years of asthma attacks and three admissions to hospital.

WEll, he finally saw the asthma consultant on Friday last week who was really thorough and listened to all our concerns. He put him onto seretide and gave us direct ward access...little did we know that we would be using it so soon! He didn't tolerate Montelukast so he has suggested an alternative to this also,can't remember it's name though.

Leo finished a 7 day course of press last Wednesday but started coughing through the night again last night, needing hourly salbutamol and with rally laboured breathing so I took him to the ward at 2pm this afternoon and we are still here. He has had hourly news of salbutamol and atrioventricular as well as prednisolone and his SATs are still below 90 after 8 lots of nebs so they are now thinking of putting him on oxygen overnight :(

He is asleep at the moment, bless him, so I am writing this on my camp bed, watching his monitor like a hawk! It is a lonely place to be, and it was lovely when my husband and other on turned up earlier to see us, it really cheered Leo up.

No idea how the night will unfold...wish us luck!


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Thinking positive thoughts for your little one, at least knowing you don't have to battle to get him seen on the ward now must take a (tiny) bit of stress away.

I hope your lo starts to get better soon.


Oh how horrid for you all :(

How was the night? Thinking of you both and hope today brings a better day. X


thinking of you and wee Leo, hope he gets well soon x x

Hi Rebecca, Poor Leo but what a good thing to have access to the ward like that. I've been in that 'lonely place' on a camp bed a fair few times - it's miserable but at least you can keep a beady eye on what's going on! Hope Leo is better and you are back home.

Hi Rebecca

So sorry to hear that leo is so unwell with his asthma at the moment. glad you got open access to the ward that's a fantastic thing for you to be able to have in times of need. Sorry that you needed it so soon though.

Hope Leo is on the mend now and you're able to go home soon.

It's a scary place being there on your own with a poorly little boy, glad you've managed to have visitors to see you and have been cheered up by this. Hope they're all able to come regularly to see/support you both during your time on the ward.

Take care and I hope all is going well.



Hi thinking of you and your son, hope he is feeling a lot better soon. I know so well them lonely nights in hospital, had many with my son over the years.



Home at last!

Hi everyone, thank you so much for your kind messages. Leo was finally discharged this afternoon but has a long-winded action plan and I am really concerned about the amount of meds he is now on. I suppose it is all for his benefit though and the consultant did try and reassure me, saying that in his point of view if you only half treat asthma you just end up back at the beginning all the time and I think I know what he means.

Leo is now on seretide 50, 2 puffs twice a day, salbutamol 6 puffs every 4 hrs (stepping down over the next wk), prednisolone, 30 mg for 2 more days, 20mgs for 4 days after that, then 4 days at 15mg and 4 days at 10 mg! He has also been given Loratadine although I am going to question this as I don't think he has allergies particularly and I feel it is just one thing he could do without at the moment.

He has got his review with the consultant in April so hopefully he will be ok until then but who knows??

I hope your LOs are all well at the moment.

Thanks again for your lovely messages.

Rebecca :)


Oh dear, I have just re read my post from when I was on the ward with Leo and have noticed how my iPad took it upon itself to change half of my words into whatever it fancied! I hope that my post still made sense!!

Leo is doing well at the moment, although still coughing when his inhalers are due and getting a bit 'puffy' when active - I'm sure if his SATs were checked now they wouldn't be above 95 at best - but he is so much better, which is great. He was sick several times on Thursday evening, I mean really sick, but has been fine ever since so not sure whether this was related to his asthma/medication or not.

I hope everyone else's children are ok at the moment

Bec :)

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