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Covid positive result again after a week of negative

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Last week I tested negative twice after a 10 day covid bout,all seemed fine and I didn't go out at all until Thursday for a birthday lunch for 2 .friday I went shopping wearing a mask and apart from being at home with my husband no contact with anyone else. Yesterday I tested positive again, what on earth is going on I can only think I have infected myself with covid laying dormant in my system ,it's a bit of a puzzle

34 Replies
sassy59 profile image

That is a real puzzle B0xermad but I think covid is very complex and we don’t really know all there is to know about it. I really wish you well and hope you test negative again very soon. Xxx❤️

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B0xermad in reply to sassy59

I was amazed at the result yesterday and as I was due to see my little grandchildren I wanted to be safe for them so I did another one an hour later from a new box ,same result. real symptoms just a voice change and a bit achy that's it 🥰

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sassy59 in reply to B0xermad

Thinking of you and hoping you will feel better soon. Xxx

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I can't solve your puzzle, I just hope you are soon OK xx

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B0xermad in reply to CDPO16

😁thank you

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Apparently covid "viruses" can lay dormant in your system 🤔. My daughter has had covid 3 times and her doc reckons she is reinfecting herself! Have not read any information regarding this but presume doc has?

Hope you clear with a negative test soon. Best wishes. Dawn.xx

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B0xermad in reply to GD53

Oh wow,I have just seen that there is a rebound after taking antivirals so it makes sense

eleanordigby profile image

Nothing about covid surprises me anymore. From what I’ve read, I believe it is a manmade virus originating in the lab in Wuhan. It seems to behave in a way no other virus ever has, and be capable of affecting any part of the body in all sorts of weird ways. I really hope you get a regularly negative test result soon, as it’s putting your life on hold

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Tykelady in reply to eleanordigby

I've always believed that and it's very worrying. I also wonder about the accuracy of testing kits.

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Izb1 in reply to Tykelady

I read that there can be false positive/negative results on these tests. Doesn't make you confident when testing x

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I don't feel I know enough about covid to comment, but I hope you shake it off very soon. xxx

Ergendl profile image

Oh, dear. Hope you recover quickly xx

Digger0 profile image

Bummer. hope you are on the mend again soon!

B0xermad profile image
B0xermad in reply to Digger0

Thank you very much, its metamorphosing daily today throat a bit meh but otherwise fine

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Unfortunately wearing a mask won’t prevent you catching it. It lessens the risk. It’s a bit like the vaccines really. The more you wear it the less likely you are to catch it, like the more vaccines you have the lower your chances of catching it.

Masks work by stopping the virus spreading quite so far if you are carrying it and you sneeze or cough, but they don’t block the virus entirely. So if someone nearby spread it in to the air and you happened to walk through the “cloud” of virus, some of it can get through the mask and reinfect you, particularly if you’re vulnerable to it.

That’s why people who know they are contagious and still go out really should be wearing masks. That’s why we had mass-masking, to try to ensure that people who were unaware they had it were taking precautions.

Sadly some people will knowingly go out whilst having the virus and not take precautions to protect others (i.e. wear a mask). Others just don’t test or test negative and so can spread it unknowingly.

So there is a chance that you could just be very unlucky and have caught it a second time, as well as the fact that it could have just laid dormant for a while and reinfected you.

B0xermad profile image
B0xermad in reply to BrigidsFire

It's possible that I could have picked it up as was in shop for 45mins prior to that had been indoors at home sine 20th Dec.had 5 jabs and antivirals but if you are the unlucky one it's what it is . Originally my son stayed overnight on17th and felt unwell on 19th tested positive that day

Izb1 profile image

Hope you shake this off and get better soon x

B0xermad profile image

Pretty uncertain all round really but going on my symptoms I can justify it is still causing havoc in my system. Keep trying different brands of tests too but it's a lottery

Gladys27 profile image

Sorry you having to shield again. Also been told that some of the testing kits show a negative result but when a pcr test is done it shows a positive. Not sure how good these testing kits are. Good luck x

MMaud profile image

When self testing started, and HCP were on mandatory testing to attend work, they were instructed that fragments of the virus would remain in their systems for a period but they were not infectious after x days.

I’m so sorry, but I can’t recall the number of days infectious/dormant fragments.

Timberman profile image

Birthday lunch? And what no vaccines?

B0xermad profile image
B0xermad in reply to Timberman

I have had 5 vaccine jabs

Timberman profile image
Timberman in reply to B0xermad

I suggest your experience is highly relevant in understanding vaccine take up - have you talked to clinicians about this? I think someone needs to study your immuno system!

B0xermad profile image
B0xermad in reply to Timberman

Yes I have had a conversation with my physio nurse and consultant at respiratory department

Patk1 profile image

I would test again.may be false positive x

B0xermad profile image
B0xermad in reply to Patk1

I did one yesterday and again this morning from 2 different boxes

Verbena_67 profile image

Did ur doc prescribe paxlovid? It is typical with this drug.

B0xermad profile image
B0xermad in reply to Verbena_67

Hi it was molnupiravir (lagevrio)apparently similar outcome to paxalovid so not surprised after doing a Google search.the NHS called me after I sent results in from LFT positive.

Verbena_67 profile image
Verbena_67 in reply to B0xermad

I have to wonder if the new positive results also mean one is contagious again.

B0xermad profile image
B0xermad in reply to Verbena_67

Possible and I am not taking any chances of infecting anyone else

Caspiana profile image

Sorry to hear this. I don't have any constructive advice but I hope you don't feel too ill. Take care of yourself. xx 🙂👋

B0xermad profile image
B0xermad in reply to Caspiana

Hi cas I am coping well with it thank you

LydiaRose123 profile image

Oh no, I really hope that you feel better soon x

B0xermad profile image
B0xermad in reply to LydiaRose123

Yes a lot better today thanks, lateral flow test was a very faint line today so here's hoping for a negative result

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