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Long covid related asthma/lung issues

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Hi everyone, I've just joined this site and just wanted to share my experiences and get any advice that's available. In March 2020 I caught covid and ended up in icu but thankfully I wasn't ventilated. However ever since I've had problems with fatigue and shortness of breath. Last year I eventually had respiratory function tests and they diagnosed asthma. I've been coping well with the diagnosis, then got covid again in Feb.

Last week I was on antibiotics for pleurisy. Never had this before and been feeling rubbish. I'm off sick and trying to get a wee daily walk but keep getting dizzy spells when coughing so it's scary when I'm not at home. Has anyone else had similar symptoms? I don't know if I should ask for another sick line?

Sorry for the long story lol

10 Replies
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Having had pleurisy a number of times I can sympathise with you. I would definitely advise you to go back to gp and inform them you are still unwell. To be honest I would be more surprised if you had recovered after only a week! You may well need more antibiotics or even some steroids. Once recovered from infection it is likely you will still take some time to feel better. Am not sure how far you are walking but at this stage (if still carrying infection) then it would probably be best to refrain from walking. Your body needs all its energy to fight infection, especially after having had Covid twice.

Try to eat as healthily as possible and rest when body “says to rest”. Trying too hard at this stage could make recovery much longer.

Don’t know what work you do but I would be surprised if you are fit to return at this stage. Also if you are still infectious and coughing, you run the risk of others becoming unwell.

I wish you better very soon but do advise speaking to gp.

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Clydedog1 in reply to Bevvy

Thanks guys. I work as a dispenser. A lot of this is new to me as up until covid I'd only had a chest infection once or twice. I'll contact the GP today. The annoying thing is I feel wheezy quite often and each time they listen to my chest it's clear. This has been happening since covid also so I wonder if it's associated.

Anyway thanks again for your help

Lesley x

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Patk1 in reply to Clydedog1

Do u have a blue inhaler - salbutamol? It's a " reliever" - if yr chest feels tight &/or wheezy,take 2 puffs : breathe out slowly to empty lungs before inhaling,then use it one puff at a time, inhaling it deeply and slowly.it should help.its gd that lungs r clear as as it means no mucous lying deeper in lungs.asthma is more in the upper airways,in chest.do rest while wheezy.better to be well before going back to work x

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Clydedog1 in reply to Patk1

I've been using my blue inhaler. Thanks for your advice it really helped. However my GP wouldn't sign me off again so I went back yesterday. I work 3 days a week and have just rested today. I'm waiting for an appointment for a chest xray too

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Patk1 in reply to Clydedog1

Hope u soon feel some improvement + can manage to work.xxx

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Hi and welcome. Sorry you have had such a rough time. As Bevvy says do see your GP and allow yourself plenty of time to heal. Best wishes.

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Hello Clydedog 1. Sorry to hear of your problems. Ian in a similar position to you. I have got emphysema and was taken into hospital in May 2022 with breathing problems, after having covid in April and May 2022. In July this year I was taken int hospital again with breathing problems. This time the consultant diagnosed long covid. I still have shortness of breath, I feel unwell most of the time and am waiting to be called to a long covid clinic. The clinic has sent me to my doctor for some tests, one of which is a blood test. It’s a waiting game now. I wondered if long covid is what is causing your problems. Just a thought. You not alone and I hope things get better soon for you. Best wishes. 👍🤓

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Clydedog1 in reply to Roysieboy

I live in Scotland and we're not getting long covid clinics for some reason. They're just treating us for our symptoms. I think it's definitely long covid as it's been going on for almost 3 years. I'll just have to keep bugging the doctors

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There are different types of asthma and the fact that your doctor can't hear a wheeze doesn't mean you haven't got it! Plus of you are on asthma medication then you will have fewer symtpoms. You can buy an oximeter to check your blood oxygen levels (they don't cost much). A low oxygen level can make you feel dizzy, or an infection. Sounds like you need to see GP again if your antibiotics have finished. Pleurisy can take some time to recover from. If you are still unwell you may need to rest for a bit longer. Having had covid and pleurisy is tough and your body needs time to recover. If you have Long Covid then it really is important to pace yourself and not make yourself feel worse by overdoing it. I have ME as well as asthma, and have had to learn that pacing is the best way of managing life. When you cough you are using up extra energy, on top of walking. The ME Association have information on Long Covid.

Asthma UK have some excellent information and at the bottom of the page they have a helpline which is very good. You can talk over your concerns and know what to ask the doctor.


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I had covid dec19 yes I had it before it was public I was very poorly for 4 months fatigue and breathlessness being the worst I did end up in hospital 1 nite

I then caught it again October 21 again fatigue and breathlessness I was like that for 6 weeks but never gained full fitness again now 6 weeks ago I supposedly had a chest infection so after 3 lots of antibiotics and steroids and now been on a steriod inhaler for a couple of weeks I am struggling with my breathing I think I may of had covid again and like you are struggling This is how the monster covid is leaving people it keeps sending out its tendons to attack you with something else you will still be in my clasp I really feel for you as I know how you are feeling its one thing after another isnt it I really hope you are feeling better soon its it's so hard isnt it we both want our lives back dont we Take care wont you sending love and hugs ❤🤗❤🤗

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