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Lung Function Test & Covid

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Hi all

Just a quick update from my last post when I had to cancel my Lung Function test due to a chest infection. I got another appointment for this Friday (16th) but also kept calling in case they had a cancellation & managed to get one for last Wednesday however I started with Covid symptoms last Monday & test confirmed it as positive. I called the hospital to inform them & apologise but they said as I had cancelled 3 times then they would have to discharge me! What? I had only cancelled once due to chest infection which their paperwork asked me to do, then they cancelled this Friday & changed it. I told her so & she said she would speak to her manager & get her to call me. A Manager called me back & she said I would have to attend as this was requested by consultant months ago (not my fault) & I said but I have Covid she said she had spoken with the physiologists who would be doing the tests & they were ok with this as they would be wearing masks. Really? I said look i'm happy to come but surly you wont want me to. She said yes I was to attend. So i've had my tests & now awaiting results & follow up. Is it just me or does this seem crazy? I cant attend with a chest infection but I can attend with Covid It dosnt make sense after all the guidelines etc.

Any thoughts on this?

27 Replies
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The first lines of your post really pleased me because I’d been wondering about you, knowing how upset you were at the delay. But then I read on… can’t believe it to be honest! Apart from anything else, how useful will the tests be, given your lungs won’t be at their best if you’ve got covid? And why are they so casual about exposing other lung patients to someone they know has tested positive? It’s madness!

I’ve fallen foul of that nonsense about rearranging appointments too, at my local hospital. They seem to be actively looking for reasons to cross people off the list! And they frequently postpone them 2 or even 3 times, for months at a time, but patients who did that would rapidly be referred back to their gp 😠 But guess what, in over 20 years the Brompton has NEVER, not once, either cancelled, changed the time, or made any difficulties whatsoever about my appointments!

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Otto11 in reply to eleanordigby

Bless you thanks for answering. Like you I can’t believe they actually told me to attend. There was no one else (patients) there the whole time I was there but still it’s madness. I really can’t get my head round it tbh. Believe it or not I think I did well. Much better than I would have managed with the chest infection. The Doxycycline cleared that up & I’ve been less breathless since.

I’ve had the same regarding cancellations at Orthopaedics. I’ve been on their waiting list for 5 years for toe surgery. I was on Rituximab at the time ( I have RA) & they kept sending appointments for 2 weeks after infusions even though I had given them my infusion dates. It continued for 2 years like this. Then I was diagnosed with Epilepsy so had to start all over again. I’ve had so many pre op assessments I’ve lost count. Anyway I so pleased you are getting looked after at your hospital. It sounds amazing. X

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eleanordigby in reply to Otto11

5 years?! Beyond belief. It just needs one person with the wit & motivation to look at your particular circumstances, input the right information, and get you a date that works around your mab. Imagine the money it’s costed in wasted admin hours!

Yes the Brompton is an amazing hospital but my local, which I need for emergencies & non lung stuff, is as bad as any other district general.

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Otto11 in reply to eleanordigby

I know 2 years plus are because of Covid so what can you do. They got me in last August for pre op & said they would have me in for surgery after my holidays in September. So basically October 21. Heard nothing till October this year when hubby says it’s waiting lists on the phone so I got a pen & & paper to be told we’re just ringing to say we havnt forgotten about you. We will have you in before Xmas. Then about 3 weeks ago had another call to say the same & hopefully it would be January. 🤷🏻‍♀️ Who knows 🤷🏻‍♀️ Tbh I’ve got a broken pin in another toe on the other foot which is giving me more bother than the one they are going to operate on. Let’s see what the new year brings. Take care & hope you have a good Xmas x

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Izb1 in reply to Otto11

Omg you really couldnt make it up could you. Its really shocking the way the nhs is running now. I do hope you get sorted soon x

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Otto11 in reply to Izb1

Thanks. Its just goes against everything we've been told to do for the last 3 years! x

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Seems ludicrous to me. Surely your test results will be skewed because you are not well??

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Otto11 in reply to Bevvy

I actually managed without coughing etc. I didnt expect I would. I think by the sound of it they were trying to get me seen as I was going to be discharged otherwise & back to square one. Who knows?

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Bevvy in reply to Otto11

But results could be artificially poor due to being unwell. Not just due to coughing or not but what happening in lungs. They could have not discharged you. Lots of people have circumstances where cannot attend appointments. So long as reasonable people shouldn’t be discharged.

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I was more concerned about being in a hospital knowing I was infectious. All wrong. I think I did ok surprisingly ( I didn’t think I would ) but was exhausted afterwards. Thanks x

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I am gobsmacked. You sound more concerned about the welfare of other patients than they are. i hope you get some meaningful results after all that and that you soon start to recover from the covid

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Otto11 in reply to Alberta56

Thank you. Tbh I feel worse this week Test negative now than I did last week when it was positive. It felt so wrong being there. 🤷 x

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Alberta56 in reply to Otto11

Sorry to hear that. Take it easy, even if you have to have a late Christmas. xxx

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Apart from the obvious risk of cross infection I am wondering whether the breathing tests you had will be valid as you had COVID at the time of testing.What a muddle and worry for you I hope that you are feeling better and send loadsa positive vibs and gentle hugs .x

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Otto11 in reply to Cloudancer

Thank you for your kind vibes & hugs much appreciated. Feeling a bit sorry for myself so much to do before Xmas etc. We will see what the tests show. I'm not worried. Just couldn't believe it. No wonder everyone I speak to has had covid recently. x

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Madness crazy to say the least

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Otto11 in reply to B0xermad

Can only agree.

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HI good morning i glad your having help with lung test i stilll waiting to here from my consulant i n 11 months and its imosible to get a doctors app with my illness some body must have a magic wond to see a doctor ghoust rider

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Otto11 in reply to ghousrider

Sorry you're having such a long wait. I know how frustrating it is. I think particularly with respiratory issues. The last time I saw my respiratory Consultant was 2019 having been discharged from hospital with Pneumonia the day before so I could attend the appointment. I was then diagnosed with bronchiectasis by CT scan in Feb 2020 & this is my first visit to respiratory team since. Still not seen a consultant since diagnosis. So 3 years almost. I do understand your frustration & really hope you get your appointment soon. x

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It seems like madness to me! What is happening to the NHS. They are not looking after you or their staff. I hope you have recovered from Covid and are now feeling fine. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

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Otto11 in reply to Happyhare

Thank you so much for your kind words. The manager told me she had asked the staff involved who were happy to go ahead. I wore a mask until I went in the box. and never saw another patient at all in the whole department whilst there. Not that that makes much difference really. Yes madness sums it up. I wonder if others are attending appointments not having rung the department knowing they are positive 🤷‍♀️ Happy Xmas to you too. Yes lets hope 2023 is a better year for us all x

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It's beyond belief isn't it? Really makes you despair 😔

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Otto11 in reply to Milandra17

I'm finding it all very odd that's for sure. x

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Interesting. As far as I was aware Lung Function Tests cannot be carried out, or so I keep getting told by the Respiratory Nurse at the Surgery. According to her LFT's are only available for diagnosis purposes and not for monitoring. Would be interested to hear other peoples comments. Thanks

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Bevvy in reply to Servus61

Gp surgeries are no longer doing lung function tests but hospitals are doing so.

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Otto11 in reply to Servus61

Hi this isn't for monitoring. I was being monitored for lung nodules for 3 years & Bronchiectasis was found on my final CT. that was in Feb 2020 just before lockdown & havn't been seen yet. This is why they have done the tests. Sorry if I've misled you.

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Thanks everyone for your replies. x

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