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Positive Covid Test!!!

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I cannot believe it I’ve tested positive for covid thought it was a chest infection and cause of grief through losing Mollie - the cough and sneezing and sore throat led me to believe it could be covid - and it is? I sent the results to nhs and apparently they’ll call me to get the meds to me even though I’m taking my rescue kit? Not sure what’s supposed to happen but I guarantee I won’t get a call !!! What a month!!

52 Replies
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What a horrible thing to happen to you and I hope you make a good recovery and that you get the call.

Thinking of you. Xxx❤️

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Its always the way isn't it how everything goes wrong at once

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look after yourself xx

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I hope you get well soon, rest up and have a good night and take care 😊 Bernadette and Jack 🐕 xxxxxxx 🌻🌻💖

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Good luck with the meds, keep good and warm.

Sorry to hear that.

Thing is grief can make you run down and invite infections to find you!

How's Pepparuby the black panther getting on?

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pepparuby1 in reply to

yes this is very True Catgirl!! Pepparuby is snuggled up on the bed with me I hope they don’t catch covid

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How's Hector coping without Mollie?

Nice to hear Pepparuby is coming out more!

Good news as today I have a job interview at 10am so an early start this morning and then a viewing appointment for a place at 12.45pm and I sorted out a viewing appointment for a place for this Thursday coming at 4.15pm.

Last Tuesday when that viewing appointment got cancelled and I threw that screaming fit over it part of me was aware that my reaction was extreme but I couldn't help how I felt

Now I have had time to calm down I do feel that cancelled appointment was a blessing in disguise as I wouldn't have been happy there!

It's infuriating for everyone isn't it when you psyche yourself up to do something only to get the door slammed shut in your face at the last minute when no it's not happening

Last week an agency claimed they will ring me to book appointments to see places and I said I am looking forward to speaking with them then and hung up the phone as I feel that they are fobbing me off with the I will ring you line so decided if they do ring then that will be nice but no way am I sitting by the phone waiting for a call that may or may not happen and would rather get on and live my life!

With respect life doesn't revolve around the phone

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Hector is quiet but bless him he’s got health issues - heart and kidneys so he’s on meds - he needs a check a vets on November but I’ll need to get my head round the fact that the last time I was there was to leave my Mollie s body.

Yes infuriating indeed for you you’re going through two of the life’s most stressful times - home - job - so you can accept any outbursts and go with it. Good luck with the interview

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I have allowed lots of time to come to the interview so decided to stop in a cafe and have a hot chocolate as a treat.

10am is interview time and I would rather arrive early and have time for a drink and to relax than late and in a state!

12.45pm it's the house viewing and it might be my ideal place!

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how did it all go ?

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The 10am interview I feel went well and left there feeling I had given it my best.

The viewing went well and I have put in an application for the place and we will see what happens!

If it's meant for me it won't go by me!

I enjoyed a walk in the Llandaff fields and the Thompson's park which isn't far from the place I viewed and stopped in an old fashioned pub for a drink called The Canton on the Llandaff road there

Canton still has lots of old fashioned working class pubs as there's a demand for them there!

Penylan in Cardiff has no pub at all Now after they pulled the Three Brewers down after it closed back in 2019 after they sold it off for houses!

When a chap called Phil ran the Three Brewers it was great there and we would go there most Sunday's back in 1998 and Phil's wife and her sister worked behind the bar!

After they left the place went to rack and ruin!

There was a great bar called 42nd street that was around back in 1998 that turned into Bar billabong and those bars were great and then they shut billabong and turned it into a cafe bar called the Pear Tree and spoilt the place!

There is a large pub near us that has something for everyone called The Claude run by the Greene King brewery that I enjoy visiting

I have carried on this afternoon when I came home with my future learn courses and my job and home search applying for anything suitable that I fancy.

Julie a lady who started with me back in May at the job I left a couple of weeks ago reckons that those redevelopment plans where I am ow have fallen through!

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Wishing you better very soon.

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So sorry to hear this. Hope it's not too awful and that you get the magic meds.

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Take care sending u the kindest of thoughts at this difficult time 🤗🤗🤗🤗 Bernardine

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hope u soon recover

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I was told I would have the antivirals but when I got the call, the doctor I spoke to told me I didn't qualify! It seems the right hand didn't know what the left hand had promised. Thankfully, I recovered without having to take them.

Sorry to hear you're suffering and hope you feel better soon.

xx Moy

in reply to MoyB

It infuriates me no end when things are promised and then they don't happen!

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Me too! I was hopping mad as I received a letter at the beginning of the year and a PCR with instructions to send it off as soon as I tested positive and it made it sound such a big deal and very important that I get the antivirals within so many days of a positive test. Then when it happened, the phone call that should have happened within 24 hours didn't come for three days and when it did, I was told I didn't qualify anyway! Luckily, I wasn't too bad with it. xx Moy

in reply to MoyB

One thing that infuriates me no end is getting the I will ring you line as I feel like I am being fobbed off!

Last week I was on the receiving end of this and I had said how I look forward to hearing from them soon and hung the phone up and got on with living my life!

If they ring then great but in no way am I waiting by the phone for a call that may or may not happen and just get on with living my life as I see fit

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MoyB in reply to

I was referred to a nutritionist by the GP. I had a call a few weeks later and a telephone appointment was made. I was instructed to write down everything I ate and drank for 3 days and also record my sleep / sleeplessness and anything else I thought might be relevant. The call was to be on Tuesday 22nd September, just after we got back from our holiday, but I did as I was told and meticulously wrote everything down, even though it was a pain to do over those few days due to travelling back etc.

I'm still waiting for the phone call!

I have contacted the surgery twice and have been in there twice. No one seems to know who the woman is, although she works from the surgery, but one person thought she MIGHT be on long term sick, if she's the person she's thinking of! They have all emailed and, like me, have heard nothing in reply. The latest one has passed it on to the medical secretary's to sort out as she agreed that it's ridiculous and has gone on long enough without someone getting to the bottom of it! I've asked for my GP to be notified as she would be expecting me to have had the appointment, given that it is clearly on the screen as having taken place.

Bah! Humbug! Like you, I'm just getting on with things now and will wait to see what happens.

xx Moy

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pepparuby1 in reply to MoyB

Moy - was this as a result of getting covid? The sleep thing oh Crikey - I took nytol still no sleep …. The first night I took rescue pack as I thought it was a chest infection and I couldn’t sleep at all then came this awful cough, sneezing and horrific throat, that’s when I thought this isn’t a chest infection and did covid tests which both showed positive!! I do recall last year getting a PCR test in the post telling me to use it if I were to get covid and I would get some meds. Nhs has gone to pot!! I had a health scare two weeks ago went through all blood tests and everything was good except for B12 but GP won’t give anything yet and I had to book on e consult again and was told someone would contact me in two weeks!!! It’s crazy

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pepparuby1 in reply to MoyB

I got the phone call asking me if I’d like to test out the anti viral meds I said what exactly is it and she said she would get a doctor to call me. He did call but told me I’m not that bad? Apparently because I’m not taking steroids daily I don’t qualify but I felt better knowing that!! He said just continue your rescue pack ?

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really!!! Well they emailed and text (nhs) to say that I’ll get a call in 24 hours if I don’t to ring my gp- well getting through to GP is near impossible as when you do get through you are told by receptionist to go on their E consultation which then after 48 hours you are triaged and someone will call - that’ll then be day 3/4 so what’s the point. ?

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pepparuby1 in reply to MoyB

yes o can believe this!!

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MoyB in reply to pepparuby1

Sorry I'm only just answering.

You sound as though you got the same response as I did regarding the anti-virals! I hope you soon feel better and it doesn't cause your chest any lasting damage.

xx Moy

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sorry to hear that, its not what you need right now 😪

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The anti virals are very effective apparently. Hope you get them soon. Good luck.

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pepparuby1 in reply to GintyFerguson

apparently I won’t get them as I’m not taking oral steroids every day for copd !!

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GintyFerguson in reply to pepparuby1

ah! Yes, I believe they are very strict about that . What a pain.

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pepparuby1 in reply to GintyFerguson

interesting because januarybthey told me if I got covid I would get the meds

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Oh, how awful for you! Hope you are soon on the way to recovery from this awful infection.

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Hope you feel better soon, its good that you are coping without the antivirals and typical of the system to let you down. Its seems to be an accepted part of society that people are just not doing their jobs properly x

in reply to Izb1

I find it infuriating when those who are paid to help us don't as well!

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Izb1 in reply to

Its the silly things that get to me, like when I put an online prescription in and it doesnt go to the chemist, after a few days I ring up and find that "somebody" in the gp surgery has put it in my doctors tray (who has been on mat leave for over a year) so it doesnt get seen to. I have to ring up again today to find out where it is and will be given the same old rigmarole. I know we all make mistakes sometimes but when it happens a few times then "somebody" needs a talking to x

in reply to Izb1

Point is matters that are silly and trivial to one person aren't to another!

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pepparuby1 in reply to

not sure I’m glad that I’m “ not that bad” I was amazed I got the two calls though and told to continue with my rescue pack for covid!!! Also I got a new pack of lfts in the post I only ordered yesterday free of charge. So some things work

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life has a way of kicking you when your down doesn't it ,

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pepparuby1 in reply to soulboy118

yes it does!! Jeez I feel

Like I’ve been in battle in October physically and mentally. What is quite nice is laying on sofa all day drinking tea and cuddling my cats without worrying about work - life is short too

in reply to pepparuby1

I feel extremely strongly myself how life is for living not for hiding away and I decided to go out and live my life and take my chances!

Back in 2019 I got shouted at for applying for jobs by my father and was ordered to stay at the job I was in back then as they didn't want me to have another blood clot!

Point is blood clots don't discriminate in what you do or dont do and you can have one when you have done everything right

What I refuse to do is sit at home miserable wrapped up in cotton wool missing out on living life!

in reply to soulboy118

Too right it does!

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Sorry to hear you have tested positive for virus, do take care lt probably is because you were sad about Mollie. When I had the virus in July they just told me to inform the GP and isolate basically. THe Paramedics said the virus tends to hang around for a long time in respect of symptoms . I'm beginning to feel better but still some strange tastes , sneezing ect months later. So take care you will need all your strength to fight this thing off. Stay save and warm and any deterioration ring 999.

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pepparuby1 in reply to katieoxo60

thankyou Katie - I can’t get through to gp and I can’t be bothered I’m waiting on blood tests that need to go through their E consultation which is ridiculous and I’ve applied to new surgery because I’ve moved out of the catchment area so I’m a bit stuck! Although my online prescription of rescue has been approved . I don’t appear to have lost smell but it’s this sneezing and cough that’s exhausting - I also feel lethargic too but of course it’s only two days

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Hope you aren’t too poorly and are fully recovered soon . I suppose we will get it at some point - but it’s not something to look forward to. Look after yourself x

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pepparuby1 in reply to Thinkhealthy

I thought I’d missed it can’t believe I caught it!!

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pepparuby1 in reply to Thinkhealthy

I really did think I’d got away with it- had 4th Pfizer on Friday week before - I’m shocked I caught it as I’ve been careful to a certain degree but I always think life is for living

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That's rotten! You have so much to deal with. Just hunker down with a good book and some biscuits. Get well very soon. Sending best wishes.🌹

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pepparuby1 in reply to Karenanne61

hunker down sounds good

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Rotten luck to get covid after being careful for so long! I too have heard sadness affects your ability to fight things off. I’d be really annoyed if I got it! I think antivirals are now restricted to people whose immune system isn’t or might not be working properly for some reason. I really hope your experience of covid isn’t too bad, it seems to vary such a lot between people🤞

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pepparuby1 in reply to eleanordigby

ive experienced a cough more in the evening or talking, sore throat, but more so a feeling of lethargic and no ability to do much very tired but restless

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Hi, a similar thing happened a few weeks ago. I had a chest infection, 2 bugs found in my sputum. Took my rescue meds. After 2 weeks of meds, I didn't feel much better. Started checking for covid. Negative. Went to visit family, didn't feel well but I kept getting negatives. On returning home, covid positive. The line came up instantly. Next day I received a triage phone call. 2 hours later I was telephoned and received a appointment for iv antivirals. Everything went like clockwork. Hopefully you should hear shortly. Best wishes.

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pepparuby1 in reply to Teenap

Yes i am not entitled to antivirals now apparently, i was told to continue with my rescue pack for chest infection? Apparently unless taking oral steroids daily i am not entitled to the antivirals.

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