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Nasties partying again, how dare they!

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Finally got result of sputum sample of 26 August. As suspected, pseudomonas still enjoying life in my lungs, fortunately I had started Septrin Forte when finished Azithromycin. I’m going away with daughter Saturday for five nights in Anglesey, cottage. I’ve been there years ago, riding pillion with bikers club, happy days.

8 Replies
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That’s not good news Jean but I’m really hoping you have a lovely time in Anglesey with your daughter. Enjoy the memories. Xxx❤️

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Hope yr feeling better by will b lovely x

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Blooming pseudomonas! Still, at least now you know what's got you, you can take what you need to keep things at bay.

Have a lovely time in Anglesey. Have only been there once about 60 yrs ago! Somewhere there's a photo of me with a monkey on my arm, courtesy of the local market and the man with his hurdy gurdy! Not allowed now, of course, but I was thrilled at the time. xx Moy

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Hope now that the little party goers have been identified you can have them evicted and have some peace. Have a fab holiday, I love Anglesey, had a few good holidays there with my daughter and family when young x

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Hope your Anglesey holiday is great. Also hope the nasties will hate the fresh, clean Welsh air. Fingers crossed you can now start to get on top of them. xxx

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Enjoy your holiday in anglesey. Hope the party goers have gone or are on their way out xx

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Thanks everyone, yes hoping get rid of nasties in clean Anglesey air. Will post re any changes when possible. Best regards, Jean xxx

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Have a lovely time in Anglesey. Hope you soon overcome those nasties.

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