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Big foot

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Hi all, just wandering if anyone has had problems with there feet? I have a very puffed up foot that’s painful to walk on. I’ve had leg pain for a few years but the doctors have never been interested. On the other foot I have an in grown toe nail caused by my feet now starting to club. I spoke to the hospice and she said they could both be caused by the chemo. I had chemo for my lung disease last year finishing in November. Just wandering if anyone else is suffering with the same?

I feel like I’m really struggling at the mo, my whole body is so painful too. It’s horrible. My left wrist is also painful when I’m doing simple jobs around the house.

Last week my heart rate went to 120 sitting still having lunch which was a real worry as I was sitting having lunch with friends.

Photo to show how big my foot is, please excuse the fake tan. My feet are clean 😂😂

10 Replies
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How long are on your feet for. I never noticed my mums feet or legs swelling when she was on chemo. It could be the heat but my did swell up when in hospital end of 2019 with pneumonia thought it was my heart which i new it wasnt because last health check i had at gp they said everything ok low chance 3% of having a heart attack . I put it down to much fluids they pump into me and not being mobile as much as i usually are. But soon as i got home got more mobile it went down.Try to keep your feet up as much as possible it could be the heat most people feet swell up with the heat. When do you see your gp next if not give your gp a ring and ask him what causing it.

My dads ankles and feet used to swell up but he had congestivevheart failure and was on fusemide for it. But yours i dont know but do have a would with your gp about it. Not being mobile as much llkke you used to be could cause it have a word either your gp or consultant see what they say.

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Sjw9 in reply to Pipswhips

Thank you 😊 I saw my Gp yesterday she’s ordering a MRI as I’ve had problems now for 8 weeks. The hospice said it could be the chemo from 9 months ago or my drugs but I’ve been on the same drugs for ages! It’s not adding up! Anyway I’ll wait and see…… just thought I’d ask on here as I’m worried. Thank you for your time in replying. Take care xxx

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Pipswhips in reply to Sjw9

Good luck hope you feel ok in the scanner they do pit head phones on you and play music. I refuse to have them ive had about 20 of themThey can put my lower legs through but rest no way its got to the point now anything from head to knee its to claustrophobic for me.

Have to have ct scan instead. I had first at leeds then 2nd and 3rd at york before they git one at scarborough even mobile one indefinitely wont go in thats even worse not enough room to swing a cat in it which i wont do the other 17 been locally. It could be the heat to much water or been stood to long especially if you've been on gbd sme meds for years and i never heard of meds causing and i come from a nursing family.

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Cloudancer in reply to Pipswhips

Great reply you said everything I wanted to!

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The say those revive thing for your feet supposed to be good i nevr tried one to expensive but there mighg be cheaper one s about.

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I'm glad they're ordering an MRI scan, it does need investigating as does the raised heart rate. Thinking of you and hope you get some attention very, very soon. P (never mind the fake tan 😂, I've got some on too!

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Aa swolen feet legs can be a sighn of other problems i think you need to ask to see your dr better safe than sorry. ( got to love a fake tan im all in favore 😉) and if its painfull you may have damaged the foot , ancle without realising it ..

Also are reactions to meds/drugs can change over time so whats fine to start with may cause us problems further down the line.

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Good morning Ghoust rider here yes i have had a lot of swelling in legs and ankle/ dr told me to keep elevated as much as i can now i an wereing diabetic socks now better for me /wide fitting shoes with are a bomb in money to buy

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It seems to be common among people with lung conditions, to have swollen feet and ankles. The large muscles in the legs act as muscle pumps to help blood return from the feet to the heart. If we don't move around on our feet as much, this doesn't come into play so blood and other fluids pool. Putting the feet up as high as the heart and flexing the ankles can help.

Swollen ankles can also be exacerbated by heart and other circulatory problems, which is why it is always a good idea to get your doctor to check out your symptoms.

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Sjw9 in reply to Ergendl

Thank you for your thoughts, very helpful. I have been to the doctors and she’s ordered a MRI. My foot is a little better today. It’s driving me a little crazy as I’m use to walking a lot with my dogs and I can’t at the mo. Going to see the hospice doctors on Wednesday so let’s see…… thanks again x

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