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Recurring Phlegmy coughs

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For the past 3 months iv been prescribed antibiotics and steroids as I keep getting coughs that are phlegmy which causes me to not be able to breath, wheezing, chest pains when taking deep breaths and very tired. Just waiting on chest X-ray results, I’m a known asthmatic but I’m starting to think I might have COPD I’m 34 and fit and healthy ( I thought) does anyone have or suffering the same as me, I’m going crazy waiting for my results.

Thank you 😊

10 Replies
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Hi and welcome, please try not to worry you will onlyale yourself I'll, wait until the x-ray results come back I'm sure you will be fine. Please keep us updated and if you want to talk there is always someone here is ready to listen or pm m of you want. Have a good night and take care 😊 Bernadette and Jack 🐕 xxxxxx 🌻🌻

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Welcome to the group. Hoping your meds start to help your breathing improve, and the chest x-ray shows what's happening and leads to more effective treatments.

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Hi and welcome. It's understandable that you are concerned and it's easy to say don't worry but at this stage wait for the x ray results which you can discuss with your doctor. It may lead to more tests or changes to your medication. Best wishes

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Hi Aussie lass87 and welcome to the site. It could be that the antibiotics are just not shifting the infection you have. Did your doctor send a sample for testing ? Depending on what type of infection you have depends on what antibiotics are issued, i would discuss this with your gp x

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Have you had your mucus tested to find what bug you have? You must have this done to get you on the right antibiotic. The test can take a while to do, but no point in being on the wrong AB. Sometimes the bug may be so tough to shift with oral AB, you can need an intravenous AB. This happened to me when I had a Staphylocochus Aureus infection, which, due to turmoil at my surgery, went on for 7 months, and I believe caused my Bi-basal Bronchiectasis, found with CT scan. Sorted the bug with IV AB. Good Luck

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Hi, its possible for asthma to take a bit of a downturn so it becomes uncontrolled with the present medication/inhalers you're on. This happened to me in my 40s and all was fine until I became like you when I had constant infections & pneumonia. I thought I had a terrible lung disease for years & it took 3 years in England to get a diagnosis from hospital consultant by which time I'd developed a secondary disease on top of asthma. Keep seeing your lung doctor for proper attention ie a lung function test, spirometry test and CT scan

It's easy to breeze through having mild asthma doing majorly mad energetic activities & believing you're fine & don't need inhalers or if we have them perhaps not using them properly (as in my case).

Good luck, you're in the right place for understanding and support

PS it may be that you haven't been given the correct antibiotic for long enough to clear your particular bacteria. P

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Hi and welcome. X

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Welcome to the forum. I hope you get the right meds soon. It sounds as if you need a 14 day course of the right antibiotic for your particular bug.

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Hi Casey_87,

Hope you are doing much better since your original post!

My Mum’s situation is not the same, but thought I would mention it all the same. She was hospitalised with COVID in December 2020, and later diagnosed with COPD/possible asthma. She subsequently battled chest infections all last year and was prescribed antibiotics and steroids on a frequent basis.

I even took her to A&E twice at the end of the year when the GP told us they’d done all they could. I asked they refer her back to the Respiratory Consultant, as well as the Respiratory Care Team - a Team of Respiratory Nurses.

Long story short, the Nurses were amazing, changed my Mum’s inhaler to Trimbow which dried up the mucus, hence preventing the infections from taking hold. And touch wood, she hasn’t had one since, thank God 🙏🏻

Now I just need to find a resolution to my Dad’s severe wheezing and tickly cough 🤔

Wishing you lots of luck and good health xx

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Casey_87 in reply to D0n49

Hi D0n49

Thank you, I’m feeling much better at the moment. Iv been given more steroids but this time I’m weaning off them. I’m having tests to find out what is causing the flare ups, they think I have an autoimmune immune disease of the blood vessels, find out more in August at my next review. Glad to here your mum is doing well. 😊

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