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Hi everyone, I'm 54 and diagnosed with IPF in August 2018. I'm also a lifelong Asthma sufferer so breathing has always been a bit a of a challenge in life! One thing I love to do is travel but since I went on home oxygen in 2020, my wings have been clipped somewhat. Can anyone in the community suggest travel insurance companies they have used for foreign travel that offer good value insurance as I have not found any yet through the 'normal' channels.

18 Replies
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Welcome to this friendly, caring forum and hope someone can help. Loving your name. Xxx👍

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canthinkofaname in reply to sassy59

Thank you! 😊

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Hi and welcome. Sorry that I can't answer your query but what a great name you have chosen.

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canthinkofaname in reply to CDPO16

Ha thank you! I actually thought of several names but none of them were available! This one came to me out of frustration 😊

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Welcome to this group, it is very friendly, informative and supportive. I can’t help with your query but others can.All the best


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Welcome to the forum x

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Welcome to this fantastic forum Everyone on here is amazing Im new myself so Im getting to know people as well

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Sorry - I'm another one who can't answer your question, but I know there are others on this site who travel with oxygen and some insurance companies have been mentioned at times, so you should hear from someone soon who knows what they're talking about!

xx Moy

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Good morning and welcome to this friendly group canthinkofaname. I usually go on comparison sites like confused. Com or Gocompare. And get prices And then I usually ring the company and go through my health problems to make sure they have all the information correctly and then I ask for an annual price and a price to cover the holiday. Annual price always works out cheaper as long as your going to have a few holidays. The insurance should also cover you for holidays in this country as well. Good luck. Brian

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canthinkofaname in reply to Bingo88

Hi Bingo, thank you for your advice. i have tried the comparison sites but have not followed up yet with calls to individual companies, I will give that a try and see if I can get the prices down to a more manageable level.

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Bingo88 in reply to canthinkofaname

Last policy I had was 400 for a yearly policy nearly 2 years ago. Brian

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Welcome. Chest Heart and Stroke used to have a list. I used All Clear once.

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canthinkofaname in reply to GintyFerguson

Thank you Ginty, i will look them up.

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Hi canthinkofaname and welcome to the site. If you type in insurance in the search box at the top right this will bring up previous posts that mention this hope this helps x

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canthinkofaname in reply to Izb1

Ah thank you, I hadn't thought of doing that 🙂

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Welcome. I've seen adverts on TV for medical conditions specialist insurance. The ones I've seen are All Clear and Staysure. Haven't used them but worth a try. I think if you go on Trustpilot you might find some reviews on there perhaps. I hope you are receiving good treatment for your condition.

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canthinkofaname in reply to Biofreak

Hi there, thank you. I have tried Staysure but only on line. i may go back and call them as Bingo suggested as their on line price made my eyes water!

I'm lucky to say I am being very well cared for and when people ask me how I'm doing I can say that I'm stable right now. I feel very lucky. I hope you are also receiving great care for your condition!

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I also have pulmonary fibrosis just went on a holiday the airlines where great But I am not on oxygen.

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