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Update to “Inhaler”

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I managed to get a face-to-face appointment with a doctor yesterday but unfortunately other events changed the outcome. As I’ve detailed in my Profile I also have an autoimmune illness and, due to a type of flare, I’d had to increase my steroids (from 6mg of Prednisolone to 60mg per day). I seemed to be coping OK with gradually tapering back to my usual dose but yesterday morning felt VERY ill due to so much Pred in my system. So, most of my appointment was taken up with trying to work out how best to get me back to “normal” - whatever that is😀 - and it was agreed that I should continue on the Anoro until I see her again next week. Hopefully I will have recovered from this reaction and we can look properly at a better inhaler for me. Unfortunately, there is no chance for me to have a lung function test in the immediate future - there isn’t a respiratory nurse any more at the practice and the wait list for a hospital referral is upwards of SIX months 😡

Thank you all for your concern and advice and I’m sure I’ll get sorted before too long.

16 Replies
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Thinking of you Janann. Xxx

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Janann25 in reply to sassy59

Thank you - sometimes it just seems to get all too much ☹️

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sassy59 in reply to Janann25

Yes, I can understand that. Xx💕

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So sorry to hear that Joann, but hopefully next week everything will be much better. Thinking of you, have to a lovely day and take care 😊 Bernadette and Jack 🐕 xxxxxx 🌻🌻

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That is quite an upset for you Janann, hoping you can reduce your preds and get back on an even keel. Sending my best wishes for a speedy recovery, take care xxx❤️

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It is hard when dealing with more than one health problem. I hope that you will be able to reduce the steroids enough to be able to review your inhaler before long. Best wishes.

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Janann25 in reply to CDPO16

Thank you

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Hope u soon feel better x

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How frustrating. But good that you could see your doctor and again next weekK xx

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Oh, dear! Hoping you start to feel better very soon, and that your next appointment next week helps to improve things further for you.

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Oh dear. I hope you get back to your normal soon. Take care janann25 x

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Thats quite a jump from 6 to 60 Janann25 and not surprised your body is reacting, fingers crossed now that you are tapering the dose you will begin to feel better. I have r.a. bronchiectasis and eye problems, they are all connected and seem to have a constant problem with one or all of them. I hope you can get your inhaler sorted, it took me ages to find one that is right and even longer for the right dosage. Keep chasing your gp x

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Was good that saw GP, pity no longer have respiratory nurse. I belong to big group practice, don’t have respiratory nurse, haven’t seen GP for two years, But do have good respiratory consultant, had telecon with her yesterday. Perhaps if GP referred you to consultant detailing your condition you would get attention quicker than 6 months. Best wishes, Jean xx

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Thoughts are with you. Its disgusting you can't get a lung function test. What happened to forward thinking and training someone up. Before the last person left its not difficult. Take care and hope you get help soon. Brian

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Janann25 in reply to Bingo88

Thank you - I’ll keep you all updated.

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I hope you get all this sorted soon and can cut down on the dreaded preds.

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