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Copd emphysema

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So I had a sinus infection beginning of February After about a week I could feel the breathlessness creeping up on me, so decided to start my steroids, felt much better after 3 days but started to wheez and had a bit of phlegm, the more breathless I got the more wheezy I was, so decided to take antibiotics. I took the course, I do feel much better but I'm still breathless. I finally got to see the nurse at the surgery this morning, I've been checked over my chest is clear my Sat's are normal. The only thing she could say was that it can take time for lungs to heal, maybe 4 to 6 weeks before you get back to your baseline. She is gonna send me for a chest xray. I just get the feeling that they don't really know much about lung disease and other lung conditions. I feel that people only get referred to a specialist when things get far worse and that shouldn't be the case. She did suggest pulmonary rehab but because I work 3 days a week its not an option to take time off. I'm feeling really down at the moment I'm really shattered and my neck is so stiff as, I must be tense when I breathless. I can't wait for the better weather to come so I can do more walking in the park. 😔 She looked at my medications and said I'm on the optimum treatment, trimbow and salamol. I'm just really down and know there's many people in the same position and some worse off. I'm sorry for the rant. I won't let this beat me. Frustrating!!!!!! 🙈

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Glad your feeling a bit better Jake and hope you get out more soon. Pete gets frustrated by being breathless a lot but he won’t let it beat him. Wishing you better days ahead. Take care xxx

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Thanks sassy x

I know from experience that it can take time to recover from a flare up or chest infection. When I did pulmonary rehab there was someone on the course who was allowed time out of work to attend. Maybe your employer would allow you to do the same? You could gain a lot if you could go on the course.

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Hi CDPO16Thank you for your reply, because I am a support worker it would be impossible for me to have time off as there is nobody to cover my clients. I've had trouble trying to book a holiday 4 months in advance and haven't got the dates I wanted, so no chance. 🙁

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CDPO16 in reply to Jake25

Sorry about that, I understand the difficulties. I hope that your work situation will improve at some stage and allow you the holiday and other leave time. Best wishes.

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Bevvy in reply to Jake25

Have you actually asked Work about time for pulmonary rehab course? I used to work 3 days a week as well but was able to attend course by moving things around and support from work. They recognised that long term there could be huge benefits to my health hence better for work place for me to attend course. Also it might be that one of the days coincides with a non work day for you.

I think you are right Jake25, the gp's tend to treat us all as one disease and this is not the case. I suffered with a terrible cold and the hospital consultant didnt have a clue (I have bronchiectsis) the best thing he did for me was to send me to ent and they put me on long term antibiotics, which helped to clear up the sinus infections I had. I had sinus surgery last August which has helped alot. I think we have to push sometimes to get things done and sadly we have to learn about our illness so we know what we are talking about. I have learned more from people on here than any doctor. I do hope you feel better soon x

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Jake25 in reply to Izb1

Hi lzb1Yes it's best to learn as much as you can yourself about your condition. It was just the nurse practitioner I saw yesterday, our surgery does not have a respiratory nurse, and when I get ill I want to avoid hospital at all costs. Thank you for your reply 😊

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My surgery has a respiratory nurse but she doesnt know much about bronch so doesnt see me. The consultant at the hospital discharged me saying there was nothing more he could do for me. It is now upto me to sort myself out. It took 2 years to get the sinus op which has at least stopped me coughing and using a box of tissues every week. Sadly the surgeon left a hole in my septum which he cant repair but I would sooner have that than the problems I had before. Like alot of others on here we are left to our own devices but I have developed a voice and wont be fobbed off anymore. Luckily I dont have to use it at the moment x

Hi your not alone many of us are in the same or similar situations I myself have pulmonary fibrosis and mixed connective tissue disease it took them around 4yr to diagnosis I think I had every test going I personally think some Dr's nurses don't like to say and the Dr's that do promise the earth from assessment for a lung transplant I feel totally let down by the people especially my nurse who is supposed to be there when I need her, don't let them tell you difficult you know your body


Hello Jake - I know exactly how you feel - I’m experiencing the same thing. I had bronchitis in December & I just feel tired, breathless & no energy. I did the antibiotics &prednisone which helped a little. I’m having blood work done not to mention, my cardiologist sent me for tests which all came back normal. Maybe if I get back into my excercise routine, I’ll start to perk up. Let us know how you are doing - I’m glad I’m not the only one experiencing these symptoms- I thought I was losing it! Wishing you a steady recovery.

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