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Hi everyone hope you are all well. Things are slowly becoming easier here Mum is getting bit more sleep as James is slowly getting more mobile but unable to sleep after his stroke so he has his own room so not to disturb mum he's having lots of help which is good but his good leg is still very poorly with the dvt and celulitus but stroke leg getting stronger . Have jazzed up the rollator and it's a talking point at college lol

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Hi,I was wondering how things are with you.I’m glad that James is improving.does the Rollator make things easier ? X

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Pokermon in reply to Oshgosh

Yea it makes me have to use my inhaler more but the seat let's me rest when tired and its easier to get in other cars that give me lifts .

Excellent news that things are improving for you all,you must pop on a photo of the jazzed up Rollator as and when you get a chance to do so.


Hi Pokermon. I'm so very pleased to hear that James is slowly improving and regaining some use in his affected leg. I didn't know about the DVT and cellulitis in his good leg, I hope that that too improves in time. It must be frustrating for him being unable to sleep but so thoughtful of him to be in a different room so your mum can. I often don't sleep well and have a TV in my bedroom which I watch if awake with the sound down low. There are quite a lot of interesting programmes on during the night, sometimes better than during the day! It helps me to relax rather than staring at the ceiling. Good to know too that he's getting a lot of help.

The rollator sounds to be a big success. Would love to see a photo of it jazzed up if that's possible. Take care and best wishes to you all xx

Glad to hear James is getting better.

I know lots of people who have had DVT in their legs and I suspect with myself it started in my legs but I hadn't thought much of it and it travelled to my lungs.

If it stays in your legs it won't hurt you but its when it moves its dangerous like I had no idea I had blood clots in my legs until it turned dangerous and travelled to the lungs and I had dragged myself into a and e as I was frightened and got kept in overnight and sent home the following evening after dinner with xarelto a modern anticoagulant.

I am fine now and feel by accident I was done a favour when that happened as I learned about how 95% of life is neither urgent or important!

Great to hear that things are improving Pokermon. Cellulitis is nasty and takes a while to heal. Hope James continues to improve steadily. It’s good your mum is getting more rest and your rollator sounds brilliant. Xxx👍💕

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Catgirl1976 in reply to sassy59

There was a colleague at my old job who ended up in hospital with cellulitis!

When I first started working there on his computer screensaver was a picture of a bichon frise and I said how Baby had been growled at by one of those at the Brecon Mountain Railway which was a rip off as Baby had been brought with us to the Brecon Beacons that day!

Had my interview in Newport today for a validation clerk job and turned it into a day out although I was disappointed about having to miss the park out though after the 9am bus didn't turn up and took my friends with me and after the interview we had an early lunch at KFC in the town centre and they said they will be in contact either tomorrow or Friday but I won't be heartbroken if I don't get the job though!

Main thing was it was a day out and going on the bus keeps my confidence high as I feel life's too short to hide away forever and it's for living not hiding!

I hadn't been out on the bus since November so it was nice to get out of the city for a while!

In regard to the missed park visit what we have decided to do is move it to a Saturday and then we have all the time in the world then to go there no pressures of having to get to an appointment for say 11am.

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sassy59 in reply to Catgirl1976

Pete had cellulitis in 2018 and was in hospital for almost 5 weeks because he had sepsis too. All very scary. Lovely to get out and about today Catgirl and I’m pleased you enjoyed your day. Fingers crossed for the job too. Xxx

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Catgirl1976 in reply to sassy59

Like I said before it I don't get the job I went for yesterday the world won't end!

In regard to having to have given the park a miss yesterday after the 9am bus didn't turn up yes I was miffed over that but had a think about it and yes the park can be rearranged for another day so what I have done is rearranged it for Saturday 5 Feb as in Saturday's there isn't the pressure of booked appointments like yesterday so we will have all the time in the world there unlike just before a booked appointment and booked a table at a French bistro there for 1pm hence turning yesterday's disappointment into an appointment!

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sassy59 in reply to Catgirl1976

Good for you Catgirl. Something to look forward to. Xxx👍

Thank you so much for the update. Glad that things are slowly easing for both James and your Mum.Love the idea of the jazzed up rollator.

I think I feel a cartoon coming on…🤔

Kate xx.

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madonbrew in reply to Katinka46

Please share it once you’ve done it! It will brilliant 🤩…it could be called ‘ The talk of the town’

Love how your rollator has become the talk of the town 😂💕😘

Thank you for keeping us updated! I’m glad things are gradually getting a bit easier! I guess it will take time…but onwards and upwards are a good direction! 🤗🌈

Hope college is going well too?

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Hello I'm so pleased things are starting to get better even if it is slowly it's still an improvement. Have a good night and take care 😊 Bernadette and Jack 🐕 xxxxxx

It's good to read yr update.yr rollater sounds great! It's gd to hear James is recovering from the stroke and I'm glad mums sleeping better.hope u r enjoying college.lotsaluv to you Xxxx

Hi! Good news about mom and James. I would love to see your jazzed up rollator! It seems it is giving you some independence.

It’s good to know things are getting a bit better for you all 😊

Hi good to hear all going in the right direction for you and glad you are enjoying your jazzed up rollator .

Glad things are improving a bit at home. Would love to see a pic of your jazzed up rollator.

Lovely to hear from you and to know things are moving in the right direction. Can't wait to see a pic of your rolator! Best wishes to your Mum and James. xx Moy

Thank you for the update , its good to hear things are moving forward . One day at a time remember, my rollator was a godsend when my walking was more impaired and as you say if you get tired you can sit on it. Have a good day x

Great news Pokermon. Would love to see the jazzed up rollator x

Hi Pokermon. Pleased everything is going in the right direction for you and your family. Enjoy your time at college. John

That all sounds so good. How about a pic of the jazzed up rollator? Grace

Its good to hear things are starting to get better for you all. And you have personalised your rolater, way to go you. A picture of your work on the rolater would be good x

Pokemon So glad to hear all is getting better . You haven't said what y ou have done to your rollator and we call want to know .Numerous requests for photo. would also like photo of you with it Can you get someone to do that for us .?

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