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8 Month update - The E-Bike! (covid pneumonia recovery)

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Hiya folks,

Been a while since I posted and progress the last month or so has been good. First walking..

For some reason, walking more than a mile has been tough, and it may be a combination of anxiety and some weakness. What has helped is that my neck is getting much better, I have whats described as mechanical neck pain, but exercise is helping.


I've had an E-bike for the last few weeks and my hope was that cycling would help me build faster than walking. So far, it is. I can cycle 2-3 times a week and have been managing around 6 miles.

The biggest surprise was that its become comfortable more quickly, I can function ok after a ride and just have a little leg soreness. From a mental health perspective, I just enjoy the ride, far more than I enjoy walking!

I'm finding that cycling progresses my fitness much faster and allows me to keep my hear rate in zone 1 for endurance training.

Note that on top of this, I can function pretty normally, stand to wash the dishes, climb stairs whenever I need to

In fact, I enjoyed a meal out with my daughter a week ago, so I'm getting a social life back.

Once I'm a month into cycling, I'm going to have another crack at walking, however I may do it a different way. Supermarket shopping. Currently I use my mobility scooter, but I suspect as I can be on my feet in the house for 30 minutes, several times a day, I can push a trolly round the supermarket.

Its going ok, I still have much fitness to regain, but i'm able to progress. The fatigue seems to have gone, as long as I progress slowly, and do not go mad, by cycling 50 miles!!

16 Replies
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So good to hear how much you’re improving over time and the E-bike sounds ideal. Seems as if life is getting back to normality for you and I wish you well for the future xxxx🥰😘💕

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It seems little and often is working, good luck in the supermarket.

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oh wow

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You’re doing well. That’s great 😊

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Your doing Amazing by the sounds of it and I have read a few people saying that E bikes help them so much. Hope you are inspiring others in the group but I think at 66 my cycling days have gone. Take care on your bike and make sure it doesn't get nicked these days. Brian

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Hi Nats. As my name suggests I ride an electric recumbent, have covered I’ve 10k miles in last 3 years. It offers me all that you are finding! Brilliant keep it up, good for breathing, joints, minds & so much more. It’ll just get better 👍

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natswright in reply to on-my-trike

Thanks! I hope do continue to improve, it seems I just need to build my fitness back up now, its staggering how much I lost!

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Great news natswright! Dont forget supermarket shopping isn't just wheeling the trolley, there's loading & carrying the bags, carting it to the car then upstairs, putting it away.I know only too well how pushing yourself just that little bit too far can set you back. P ×

ps oh and congrats on the e-bike!

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natswright in reply to peege

Yep, and its very hard to gauge if I'm up to it, but I have to start somewhere. I've done short shopping trips, so will try a slightly longer one, if I feel up to it of course!

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Wonderful to hear how you’re progressing natswright It all looks good for the future xx

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Well done. The e bike sounds great . If you are used to cycling anyway then you are regaining not only a lost skill but gaining so much more. Supermarket trolleys are great for getting around I have found . I had a Zimmer when I broke my leg years ago but supermarket trolley was so much better ! Bit of a problem getting it on to local bus though!

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natswright in reply to Jaybird19

Haha, good point! I did consider that I can lean into it. I suspect some of my issues walking are anxiety. In the past, I really did have issues walking, now i'm improving, I get anxious the longer I walk. To beat it, I have to take the worry head on. Once I succeed, i'll no longer worry!

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Thought i'd post an update to this thread....

Yesterday, I pushed up to cycling 10 miles, and I felt fine afterwards. Legs especially seem to be improving.

However, I'm continuing to find bits of me that are recovering at different rates! My chest ached a bit afterwards, and today is still a bit sore, although I have managed to clean my hob and splash back, that required quite a bit of scrubbing to get clean!

I'm slowly getting used to what to expect from exercise so feel less anxious as I slowly move on, but no one prepared me for how unfit i'd be after pneumonia.

I feel this is where folks need more help, it's one think to recover from the acute phase of the illness, around 6 months, but I reckon it's going to take me 12 months just to get back to baseline fitness.

Some would argue that my fitness is getting quite good these days, as a "couch potato" would struggle to cycle 10 miles.

However, I could not manage 10 miles on a normal bicycle, probably 5, and only if the route was completely flat!

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Hi Nat.This is very interesting. You say covid pneumonia recovery do you also have COPD? I do. I have severe pulmonary emphysema and I am wondering if en ebike will help me get around more as I get quiet tired walking and out of breath. I also use oxigen when out and about. Your opinion and any other member's opinions would be much apreciated.

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natswright in reply to Handihaler

I do not have COPD, but I do have lung scaring. My issue is more to do with severe deconditioning and covid may have damaged my muscles, so I can fatigue more easily. I do not get out of breath, but have trouble walking more that a mile as I get tired.

An e-bike has transformed what I can do. I've been feeling the 10 miles a little today, but I have been quite active around the house!

I suggest you read this story, it may give some guidance, that you can ride with an O2 supply.


I'd always contact your GP with any medical condition, but an ebike really can lighten the load.

The best think about an e-bike is you can control your heart rate much more easily, and ease off when you feel a bit out of breath.

Handihaler profile image

Many many thanks for your reply Nats. Take care

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