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Best Inhaler for Chronic Bronchitis

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Hi all,

Heading to the doctor this week, tried Brimica a few weeks back and we didn’t hit it off. The anxiety and tremors were off the chart.

I’m considering asking for the Fostair small molecule inhaler as I have a slight asthma component. It also contains Beclomethasone which agrees with me. Pulmicort does not and Symbicort made my lungs feel stiff and I could never get a deep breath. I also had lots of nasal congestion and many chest infections during the years I took it.

What inhaler has best helped with your Chronic Bronchitis?

Thanks for listening.


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Inhalers can be very individual what works for one may not work for you. Normally you start on one and see how it goes. If it does not suit you normally it will be changed. There are a number of options. If you have problems speak with your GP or COPD nurse. I am Fostair which I get on with.

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ck101 in reply to Badbessie

Thanks for taking the time to reply, which Fostair are you taking the Nexthaler or the Aerosol, trying to establish which one is the small molecule type.. I’m nearly certain GP won’t have a clue.

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