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apologies not sure where to post this ....not asthma related ... does anyone have any tips on dealing with a spre swollen throat due to covid ?

it's gotten so bad I'm struggling to swallow my spit and eat or drink.

I've eaten a yoghurt today amd then promptly threw up just to add to it.

tried to shine a light in the back of my throat and besides being red and inflamed it looks like there are ulcers aswell.

I've tried ice chips and taking tiny sips of water/ squash yet everything causes searing pain that takes ages to settle.

thanks in advance

9 Replies
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Copious amounts of pain killers and we always have real raw wild honey in the house (if it doesn't solidify its not raw) .... boiling water good dollop of honey and some lemon will help provide relief and clear those ulcers up

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Nifflerluck in reply to Chip_y2kuk

Thanks Chip. Love honey & have some lemons so will sort that out now. Thanks again.

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Chip_y2kuk in reply to Nifflerluck

The heat from the boiling (but drank as hot as you can bear) water will help provide heat and soothing the honey coats your throat and has antibacterial properties and the lemon will kill most bacteria (being acidic) and something in lemon helps soothe and promote healing

.... all in all a pretty good combination any time your throat hurts

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Speak to your gp. They may be able to offer advice or refer you.

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Nifflerluck in reply to Abc64

Refer me ?

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I get lots sore throats re M.E,find sucking Strepsils really helps when too painful to swallow.Don’t think very hot water good idea as will burn tissue and cause further damage.Was given Nystatin for mouth thrush caused by inhaler for asthma but never took them.I would ask doc,send pic if you can,if it doesn’t resolve soon. X

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Just spoke to my GP, he got frustrated that I was calling them and pretty much said what do I expect them to do as they can't bring me in for an evaluation and that 111 gave me the wrong advice and that he cant do anything.

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Poobah in reply to Nifflerluck

Wow, that's awful, especially as you're asthmatic. Since the pandemic started I've stocked up with VitC/Zinc lozenges (not tablets) as zinc is supposed to tackle viruses (Dr Moseley recommendation). I also gargle with Listerine (may be a trigger for some asthmatics). My chest infections usually start with a sore throat so that's why I gargle & lozenge, in that order, at the first sign of a problem and it's certainly helped me prevent things getting worse in the upper respiratory tract. But having said that, your symptoms sound horrible and your GP should have been more helpful. No wonder people are rocking up to A&E with GP appropriate cases.

If you feel well enough to travel, then your pharmacist maybe able to suggest over the counter treatments or they may advise to see a doctor if they think you require prescribed medication.

Otherwise, if your symptoms worsen then phone 111 and explain that you require advice and that your GP has already refused any assistance or advice and stress that you're asthmatic. I hope you start to feel better soon.

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I have just looked on the NHS website and it suggests gargling with warm salty water which may help you. If you are not able to drink water (not the salty stuff which is just for gargling and spitting out) then you may need help to avoid becoming dehydrated and should perhaps ring 111 again and explain you can't drink at all. Especially if you find are no longer even weeing which is a serious situation. Friends who have had Covid have said that drinking plenty of water is important. All of us need sufficient fluid anyway to keep going. I hope you can find some proper help and support and that you start to feel better very soon.

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