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Lots of sticky mucus stuck in throat for months after COVID

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I've got lots of sticky mucus stuck in my throat - always hoarse and keep clearing my throat.

I tried carbocisteine and mullein leaf but they don't seem to help

Do mucus removal devices help?

Any suggestions please?

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You and me both.. really thick mucus in my throat and voice comes and goes. I have tried the mullein leaf and that did nothing. Constantly coughing trying to clear it out. If anyone knows how to get rid of it I will be delighted, I’m currently trying a decongestant more in hope than expectation.

I have a positive breathing device but it didn’t make any difference.

What sort of decongestant ? Sudafed ? Does it help?

Yes they help me. I have both the Air Physio and Aerobika (which was prescribed at the hospital). Both good.

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Oldandgray in reply to Lynneypin

The air physio seems to help any mucus in the lungs but not from the throat.

Yes trying Sudafed..phenylephrine.12.2 mg capsules in the morning. Only just started.

My mucus and additional coughing trying to clear my throat, also started after Covid in February.

I also tried different antihistamines, they didn't do much, wondering if I should have persisted...

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