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Hello everyone,

About 5 weeks ago I came down with Covid. Seemed to get through it ok, but about a week after my asthma starting playing up. Symptoms are breathlessness mainly at night, mucus of chest that’s hard to cough up, tight chest which relieves when taken inhalers. Spo2 is around 97% slightly down on my usual, peak flow is 560 so ok and my FeNo is 14 so not much inflammation. Asthma nurse today thinks it’s long Covid? Baring in mind my asthma is usually well controlled so these symptoms are out of the ordinary for me.

Anyone any experience post Covid?

Thanks all

10 Replies
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I probably had Covid in February and since then my asthma has been similar to yours. This time of year is usually my best asthma wise but I could use ventalin every day. I save it for when my chest starts to tighten. The mucus is worse and the coughing goes on and on.

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I’ve got COVID at the moment. Started feeling ill last Sunday, took the test on Wednesday and result was positive. Asthma has definitely got worse and combination of the two is giving me problems.

I can’t sleep lying down because phlegm settles in my lungs and I cannot breathe, so I get up and sit up for a while, have a cup of tea and go back to bed sitting up, raised on an extra pillow. Not ideal but I get some sleep.

The dry nonproductive cough could be caused by either asthma or COVID or, more likely, both.

Ventolin gives relief and the Preventer spray is a godsend too.

Breathlessness is a worry as I have angina too and the constant fatigue is a nightmare.

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DeanSamson in reply to Jasper2447

Poor you. Hope you feel better soon

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Hi I'm week 7 post covid still off work. I had it bad couple trips to a and e, 3 lots antibiotics and just finishing 2 months of steroids. Did they offer you steroid course to see if thar would clear it up could be infection from it? See if they can do bloods? I had chest pains, dizzyness, bad fatigue, head throbbing there all getting better, left with breathlessness. I spoke to my consultant using my inhalers loads he just sent me bloods and ct scan.

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Exactly the same .. I increased my inhalers and rested more took about 7 weeks but I stabilised again.. just hang in there up the steroid xx

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DeanSamson in reply to Joanne1711

Thanks it’s very weird last Friday and Saturday it felt like it was almost better. No breathlessness and wheezing. Then today horrible phlegm I just can’t figure it out

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I got my asthma after a viral lung infection a while ago (not covid-19, but it's predecessor) which took 2 years to stabilize. The experience felt like what they now describe as "long covid". It only stabilized once I started sleeping in a dust/mattress-free room (despite inhaled steroids etc), and got better after Xolair. Based on that experience, I am likely to be wearing my FFP3 mask in public for the foreseeable future.

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Hi, I have covid atm but it feels very similar to a chest infection with my asthma going downhill. I’ve just finished a course of pred and antibiotics but the mucus is still really thick and difficult to shift. I have been taking more vent and more Fostair with drs permission. That’s helped a bit. My PF is gradually improving but the mucus isn’t, nor sometimes the wheeziness.

I hope you get some relief soon!

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DeanSamson in reply to madonbrew

I’m the same it’s just not shifting. Feels very much like a chest infection. Had blood taken last week nothing back as yet.

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madonbrew in reply to DeanSamson

It’s a strange one isn’t it! I’m still not past the covid yet but the feeling is very similar! In fact, I literally didn’t even consider covid because it’s the same as a chest infection with a decline in my asthma. I obviously don’t have experience of long covid but really hope you start feeling better soon!


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