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Knee Joint Pains after Exercising

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Hello to you girls

My knees pain after exercising. I run and walk, for 30mins. Not a very long distance. Then compliment it with an hour and a half of aerobics. Lovely praise music that sends me sweating alot.

When I settle down in the course of the day, I feel knee joint pains.

I had TAH+BSO last year Feb. Everything out.

What might be the cause?

Stay safe


7 Replies
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I would suggest that your exercise regime should include some stretching. Pilates or yoga are good. If it's high impact aerobics that is very likely making the knee pain worse.

Obviously it's impossible to see a professional in these times but I think that running and aerobics are making things worse.

Try a week or two of extending your walking time and distance and do at least half and hour of stretching and core exercises.

I am no expert but I would say listen to your body. It's telling you something is wrong

Hope all goes well


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Thank you Dee,

Yes, my aerobics are abit vigorous. Some good afro-dance. Initially I tried overlooking the pain. But today marked the epitome. I can hardly bend or stretch them without frowning from pain. Guess lack of oestrogen is also playing abig role here.

Will definitely try out what you've mentioned.

Thanks alot.

Stay safe πŸ™β€οΈπŸ™


Hi Lunje, sorry to hear about your knee pain at the moment.

It's great to hear that you are currently exercising - it's normal to sometimes feel a little sore or uncomfortable after exercise, especially if it is something you haven’t done for a while, but it is important to remember that this does not mean that you are harming your joints. Regular exercise is essential as it helps to strengthen the muscles that protect and support the joints. Exercise has even been proven to help reduce the pain of arthritis and improve function.

If you have any worries about your knee joint pains, we recommend speaking to your GP where possible and asking for their advice. In the meantime, our website has information on how to self-manage arthritis and joint pains that may prove useful. You already sound like you are exercising well, however the page also includes information on diet, wellbeing and pain management:

Let us know how you get on.

Thank you for this as this applies to me right now as well. My husband is also struggling with his arthritic hip but still wants to walk daily.. although he struggles with pain afterwards. Is it advisable for him to still walk? He is also Type1 diabetic and gets low in his mood because of the restrictions his hip is placing on his ability to exercise, as it is also key re his diabetes.

in reply to Kaz4Eddie

If you or your husband have any concerns about whether a particular exercise such as walking is suitable, we'd recommend consulting a healthcare professional before taking part.

As you say, exercise is an important part of living with arthritis as it can help reduce pain, improve function and keep you more active.

If he's concerned about walking, perhaps try out some of our sitting exercises which have been designed to be gentle and practised at a comfortable rate. Again, however, if you have any concerns about these then please speak to a GP or healthcare professional about your worries.

Thanks for your response 😊

Hello Admin,

Thank you for your sound advice. Before surgery, I used to move alot. On my feet. My work involved supervision of people and premises. Thoroughly. From one corner to another. And I used to be so athletic. For a whole year I've been reduced to a desk person.

Secondly, I had issues with my hip, shoulder and knee pains immediately after surgery.

I guess history in the family is also playing its role. Some additional weight, just to add.

I will surely will check out your site and come back here for more directions.

Thank you

Stay safe πŸ™πŸ˜˜πŸ™

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