For everyone with joint pain, osteoarthritis, cartilage damage, please ask your doctor to refer you to an Orthopaedic surgeon. Ask for treatment Yardel Sodium Hyaluronate and Celestone Chronodose. I don't know if these are available in the UK, but I was on holiday in Greece, and needed to see someone urgently for swelling in my knees, with terrible pain. I was xrayed and blood tested, and told my cartilage was severely damaged. I was treated with these, which promote and heal the cartilage, and help with the inflamation. This is a much cheaper and less invasive treatment than knee replacements etc...

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  • Is this treatment injected into the joint or tablets?

  • joints. A bit painful, but it eases. Its by no means a cure, but relief. I was in agony, and couldn't hardly walk. I'm still suffering discomfort, and pain, especially when I sit for a while, and getting up. But I am nowhere near as bad as I was. And paracetamol helps

  • Daily SI has helped the pain of my knees but wonder if this could give me additional improvement. Thank you for telling me about this - I will investigate!

  • Thank you Miss Jones 1963.

    That's most useful to know

  • I take Boswellia Serrata ...with great results. Read my other posts on this site for details or message me

  • Thank you for that information. I'm definitely going to check into it.

  • Thank you. Will check this out and give a feedback.


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