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Ankle weights in exercise

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Hi everybody I have an arthritic knee I’m 59 and reasonably fit, I just wondered if I can introduce ankle weights into my exercise?

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I use them regularly and think they are a great thing to have, but if used incorrectly they can cause pulled muscles etc.

What kind of exercises where you thinking of doing while using them?

Thank you oldschool01 I go to physio tomorrow and I’ll mention it👍

Laying down leg raises,laying down side leg raises and I’ve seen an exercise where you are seated off the ground and gently swing your legs forwards and backwards do you know of this exercise?

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Reg1 in reply to Fedgeyboy50-

I guess you're talking about leg-extensions. Don't be scared of weights....


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Thank you started using them and up to now everything is going well

I suffer from arthritis in my left knee and attended a physio therapy class for six weeks. The instructor will go through some targeted exercise with you, when you join. If you are talking about weights already, then it sounds like you are in the right frame of mind to get the most out of the class and good luck! I carry weights in both hands, side by side for balance (dumbbells) or press weight against the middle of my chest to exaggerate balance when squatting on a chair. Step up, step down, step side all reps from stair height for me. If you can manage reps with ankle weights then you will be in a good place and hopefully enjoy each set of reps and keep it up!

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