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Ankle replacement

Hi, I'm new and i wondered if any of you guys had every had an ankle replacement?

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Hi, I had a total ankle replacement 18 months ago. It was a very good experience. My ankle is doing excellent. My Podiatrist used the Star implant. The recovery time was long for me. I take zumba classes at the gym and had to wait 5 months to go back to zumba. I was able to do low impact classes such as pilates and yoga after a few months. There was not much PT involved. Only about a month. My doctor preferred that I started walking on it after the boot came off. My other ankle is in bad shape so I will be going in to have it done next year. If I can answer any other questions, I am happy to help. I had a knee replacement and it was less painful.




Many thanks for the info. After looking at the stats it did not seem like there were very many done. It certainly isn't as popular as hips or knees.

I had a very bad car crash 28 years ago and had plates and pins put in my left ankle while my right ankle and foot were crushed. I now have quite bad arthritis along with diabetes and other related and non related medical issues. I am trying to loose weight and look after my circulation which is hard with severe pain and reduced mobility. My GP is no help, suggesting only paracetamol which doesn't touch the pain. I am trying to do my own research into other options both in terms of pain relief and surgery, but at 56, I may be considered too old for surgery.

I am hoping to go back to my GP with some ideas and hopefully be referred to a consultant. Onwards and upwards...... (Or even forwards would be good!)


Good luck to you !! I understand what you mean about getting relief for pain. It is very hard to get anything to relieve the pain without the proper pain meds. We are supposed to keep active while in pain, a very hard thing to do. I do get to the gym every week or take the dog for a walk. Once I get there I feel better. I hope you can move forward soon !!


Hi again. This is my second post. I am still looking into relief for chronic pain in my feet and ankles due to injury. I have heard about fusing of all the bones. This strikes me as extremely impractical and almost as bad as foot amputation (which I was offered many years ago). Has anyone out there had this and does it get rid of the pain? My worry is that the pain would still be there as with phantom pains that can occur in an amputated body part.


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