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Ankle arthritis

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I have been suffering with this for a while. I haven't been to see anyone with due to covid but I wondered has anyone else had arthritis in the ankle and what do doctors (UK) typically do for it.

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Hello Jacky.

My ankles have been a problem for years, probably as a result of many sprains because many joints are hyper mobile. The right ankle is the worst and is swollen most of the time. I do have rheumatoid arthritis anyway but probably osteoarthritis in ankle joints too.

My GP referred me to an MSK consultant because I needed a bunion sorted. He told me that ankle surgery is very drastic and to be avoided if at all possible. What I have found helps me is to wear orthotics that I had custom made by a podiatrist specialising in biomechanics.

I think you should probably try your GP first and ask if an X-ray can be done to see what the problem is. If you have no other problem joints osteoarthritis is the most likely and it can be a result of damage ( e.g. sprains) or injury.

Good luck.

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JackyAM in reply to Lolabridge

Thank you.

Hi,I too have ankle problems due to a car crash 30 years ago when I was in my 20s. Arthritis is too advanced for steroid injections to work, and I have been told they could be fused, but it was not recommended. Looking at the operation, it's quite barbaric. I've been told the recovery will be a minimum of 14 weeks per ankle as they do one at a time, and there is no guarantee you will have less pain. Like you, I want more movement, not less. If you're young, there is such a thing as an ankle replacement, similar to knee replacement.

I've tried various creams (not a lot of good) high strength turmeric (a little help) accupuncture, (nhs 4 sessions, then privately) which help a lot initially and then seem to stop working. Little and often exercise is best, even exercising when seated. Weight loss really does help, even half a stone seems to make a difference. I think it's a case of find what works for you, also plan your day so you don't over do it as well. Good luck

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JackyAM in reply to Crazymama146

I do need to lose weight but I am rubbish at sticking to a diet. I'll stick to it for 3 weeks, week one I lose the most, week two I'll maybe lose a pound and week three I won't lose anything and lose interest. I asked for WLS but was turned down. I did lose quite a bit on on the Cambridge diet but my Mum paid for that and I can't afford it now.Sorry, segued into diets there.

Yes, I tried turmeric, didn't do a thing. Voltarol is pretty good for a while. I was on lots of painkillers (prescribed) but then changed doctors and she was aghast and made me drop half of them. Helped with the pain, but I could sleep all day.

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Crazymama146 in reply to JackyAM

Hi, Jacky,Don't aim too high. If you diet for a week and lose 4lbs or so, focus on maintaining that loss, and don't set disheartened that you haven't lost more. After a month or so of keeping that off, so another's week of dieting and then do the same again. I find that it's better than saying, 'I need to lose 20lbs asap'. It works for me.

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JackyAM in reply to Crazymama146

That's not a too bad idea Crazymama, I might try that xx

I have it too as a result of an accident years ago - they want to fuse it but I’m not keen. I have used a product that I swear by which is worth a try - flexiseq. I found it took a couple weeks to do anything but worth a try - seems expensive but last a while. Tesco/boots sell it. Ps use the white one not the black active one - that’s useless!

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JackyAM in reply to Tim69er

I can't see the point in fusing it, my main problem is that it doesn't bend like it used to, I want MORE bending, not less!Actually bought some flexiseq after the pharmacist recommended it to me for my knee. Thanks for reminding me, might try that.

Research vitamins specific for bones and muscles also evening primrose oil is awesome not just for the menopause but helping your body adjust as it gets older especially for women who go through multiple changes whenever we have a period I’ve been on the injection for nearly 17 yrs because I had extremely painful and heavy periods and as soon as I went on it I never had a period just the excruciating pain and my nurse told me that the injection softens the bones and maybe I should come off it for a while my reply was I would rather have the pain from arthritis than have a period as it’s easier to live with the reason I’m saying this is because it’s not always one thing with arthritis but many contributing factors so examine what you put into and onto your body as it may surprise you good luck 🤞🌈 the rainbow makes me smile hope it does for you as well

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JackyAM in reply to Darkfae78

I had the injection for years too, but I never knew about it softens the bones. It is true what you say about food - I feel so much better when I've been eating good food and really crap when I haven' was great, most of my food was beige and laced with sugar, but however good that donut tasted it made me feel crap overall (Oh and sugar is lethal for arthritis!) I actually feel good on the keto diet, but can't seem to keep to it for long.Thank you Claire xx

Try olbus oil and a hot water bottle together it can effectively ease pain for up to 4 hrs sometimes longer depending on your pain threshold also look at your diet and try to change things that affect the arthritis it may take a while to figure out but it is worth it and plenty of water helps to keep your muscles fluid also vitamins like glucosamine are very good for the muscles. Hope some of this helps 🌈

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JackyAM in reply to Darkfae78

Yes thank you x

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