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Swollen painful ankle

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I'm new to this forum and am concerned my GP isn't doing all they can to find out what my health issue. I've been suffering from pain, like needles, swelling and stiffness in my ankle, for over a month I even brought a walking stick. My GP said I'd sprained it but I know I haven't, she said it is definitely not gout as its not hot to the touch. I am female 57 not overweight and usually very active walking etc. All forms of arthritis are in my family. The GP sent me for X-ray, to check it wasn't broken! he says it shows normal wear and tear, would any crystals have not shown on the X-ray ? .I have now had one blood test and another this week. At the time it began I felt that I was getting a urine infection wanted to urinate all the time but when I went it was just a dribble. I also get a sharp digging pain under my left rib. My issue is it is now the swelling is starting to going down it will just be put down to one of those things and be ignored. I understand that, gout, can be difficult to diagnose and could flair up again in the future, does it always have to be hot to the touch? I have been to the doctor about my right hand in the past where the joints are swollen and red they just sent me to physio and said there's nothing they can do?

What should I do as I want to know why this happened so we can hopefully reduce or prevent any further episode? It has been very debilitating and my work is very active I can't have it occur again.

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Hi did the doctor take any bloods as they usually give some pointers but i would go back and ask for a referral to a rheumatologist

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Welcome to the group Jacqui188, we are sorry to hear you have been experiencing pain and difficulties, but we do hope you enjoy the support of our online community here on Health Unlocked.

For any further information on arthritis, our self-management approach to pain, relevant events and our Member services, visit our website arthritisaction.org.uk.

All the best,


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Go back to the doctor and be persistent, its quality of life .

Good luck

Hi, agree with msg from Mushy above. The doctor can refer you and quicker if you are 'in his face' nicely though. My family & I have learnt that the hard way. Just keep trying 😋

Hi Jacqui sorry to hear about your ankle. I have the height of respect for doctors but in my experience if it cannot be repaired by medication or surgery they don't appear to have anything else to offer. Would you consider a rheumatologist they can be a great starting point.


Definitely ask for referral to a rheumatologist

Hi and thanks to every contributor to this pain issue. I just joined the forum few minutes ago.

Here are my few words and hoping it might help some one with ankle pain. Dipping the feet in salted warm water(10 - 15 minutes) may reduce some swelling and pain. I recommend taking Ibuprofen 200mg (please read the usage instructions on the bottle, available OTC-Over The Counter) during your meal. Taking any medicine empty stomach may cause a bad reaction. If that happens flush your stomach to reduce that reaction by drinking lot of water with intervals.

Certain type of drinks enhances in flaring up the Gouts. Find out what drinks (includes some soft drinks) hurts you by experimenting. All the best.

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