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heel area was constantly in pain

My plantar fasciitis is so much better and I felt the healing almost immediately. I say healing because with me using the inserts my feet are feeling so much better even when barefoot. I can get out of bed and walk in the morning with no problem. For over a year I was trying all sorts of inserts at the drug store and went for therapy, but no real change. Orthofeet inserts worked right away. I have had them a month and I ordered a second set just so I won't be without them. I also got the sandals which I love too. I use them as slippers. Maybe you will come out with slippers, I hope :)

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So pleased to hear you have good progress with your plantar fasciitis akshayv2 .

It's always good hearing of a good journey.

Wishing you all the bestm


Arthritis Action's Communications Officer


What make of sandals?


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